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This year our focus is on Yesterday’s Skills for Today’s Family.

As someone who loves living a Simple Life, I frequently find myself actively engaged in skills that, although haven’t completely gone by the wayside, still aren’t often used on a daily basis. With the onset of technology, many things are now done by automation, gasoline power, or need a power cord.

Technology has it benefits, but there are just some things that either aren’t done as well or can’t be done at all using a cell phone, microwave, or by simply clicking a button. And one of those things is homemaking.

Homemaking as a Yesterday’s Skill

When we think of ‘yesterday’s skills’, memories are often evoked of sitting with Grandma on the porch, helping her to snap beans. We may think back to Grandpa bringing a pail of fresh milk into the kitchen and remember how Grandma worked to get the milk cooled and into jars.

You may remember how neat and tidy their gardens looked, and how delicious those fresh vegetables tasted. There is a possibility you even helped her to can or preserve some of the harvest.

And if you keep looking back, you might see the faded mental image of Grandma sitting in her rocker with a needle and thread in her hands, and a mending basket sitting close by.

If you stop to think about all the skills of yesterday, you may just begin to realize that many of the activities that took place were an extension of the home.

Homemaking, housekeeping, or any other term you want to give it, has been around since creation. Once a household was set up, there was cooking, cleaning, mending, and more to be done.

Being a homemaker is a noble profession. It takes creativity, strength, knowledge, wisdom, and a heavy dose of discernment to effectively maintain a home. And it isn’t all about washing windows, mopping floors, and cooking a meal. There is so much more to being a homemaker!

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