Veterinary Guide for Animal Owners

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Veterinary Guide for Animal Owners – by: C.E. Spaulding, D.V.M. & Jackie Clay

If you have animals, it is always helpful to know a bit about them so you can keep them healthy and happy. We usually leave the big things to our vets, but every once in a while, we aren’t sure if a problem warrants a call to our vet. That’s when we reach for one of our general, or animal specific reference books. This is the first one we pull off the shelf.

This book covers most farm animals, including cats and dogs. If offers general care and management as well as diseases and other problems. If you pull this book out of my library, you will find a number of sticky notes where I have marked pages for quick reference. Now, if I can just convince the Country Boy to let me have sheep, I will be able to utilize another section in this book!

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