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Amy Dacyczyn (pronounced ‘decision’) has long since been tagged as ‘The Frugal Zealot’, and it fits her perfectly! This book is considered the Bible of frugal living. It is the compilation of her newsletter ‘The Tightwad Gazette’, which was read by thousands of fans.

My copy has been well used and has stains on some of my favorite pages. If there is an area where you want to become more frugal, this book has it. From Reasons Why People Can’t Save Money and how to get started, to details on subjects like dieting, kids toys, and box mixes made from scratch, to a how to ‘redesign’ bread bags, burnt cookies and the serrated edge on a wax-paper box.

The best part is, her ideas work. I have saved money using this book since the first time I opened it. Quite frankly, some of her recipes (seasoned rice, cream-soup mix, etc.) taste so much better than the boxed variety. My favorite so far? The Onion Soup Mix. I use this to make my Meatloaf, as well as other things.

If you want to take your frugality to the next level, this is one of those items that it is safe to spend your money on. It will take you no time to recoup the price, and then save even more in the long run.

Julie Murphree is a blogger, newspaper columnist, and speaker on all things ‘Living a Simple Life on the Farm’. She is the author of \\\'The Farm Wife – Living a Simple Life on the Farm. She and her husband have 60 acres in NW Louisiana where they actively work on living as sustainable as possible.


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  5. When my kids were little, over 30 years ago my best friend and I did a lot of thing you suggest. We even received from your very first newsletter. We loved you suggestions

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