The Song of my People



I am not so sure if this go ‘round I purchased chickens, or provided training facilities to some sort of Gallus gallus domesticus Choir.


Music at Sunrise

Each morning, you can find me at daybreak tending to my flock. I give them feed , clean out the bins and offer fresh cool water. The hatch is opened and they pour out like a waterfall of feathers. As they stretch their legs, I get serenaded with the morning’s music.

Some of them just simply ‘la la la’, as if getting their vocal chords ready for the grand solo. Carlisle, our new Roo, belts out Amore in a hauntingly beautiful tenor as he croons to the ladies. And one chicken…bless her heart, she is as tone-deaf as they come, but still commences to walk around singing to herself. Da duh da…da da DA!

I usually sit there for a bit, playing ‘Name That Tune’. Surprisingly, there are a few songs these birds are singing that make you stop and listen just a bit closer. Wait a second. I KNOW that song…. And just when you almost have it figured out, they change tunes.





Singing chickens aren’t new to me. When we first moved in, I needed a break, so I sat on a bench that was in front of a huge gardenia bush. As I was contemplating the rest of my day, I heard a small voice, singing. Thinking some of the kids had come fishing, I stood up to look towards the pond. No kids. I sat back down and just figured it was the new sounds – farm sounds, as opposed to city noise.

A moment later, I heard it again. This time, a small Banty Rooster came out of the gardenia bush, swaying and stumbling as if he had a bottle of the good stuff tucked under his wing, He was also crooning up a storm. After I finished laughing, this Roo was quickly dubbed Dino, after Dean Martin. For several years Dino entertained us with his songs, before he finally went to join the Great Gallus gallus domesticus Choir in the hereafter.

The best part of living on the farm is the music. Whether it’s the orchestra of bull frogs, crickets and song birds, or the choir of chickens, it is some of the sweetest music you will ever hear. And if you aren’t careful, the rest of the day may find you singing Amore as you do your chores. Or, if you are tone-deaf like me, Da duh da…da da DA!


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