The Sigh of September

The Sigh of September.  I look forward to it.  Each year we start off with the pop of Champagne corks and the explosion of fireworks. From there, we indulge in love and chocolate, hold our hats through the winds. We hunt for eggs left by an overgrown rabbit and encourage seedlings to grow. Summer brings us a hot and humid whirlwind of harvesting and food preservation for gardeners, or summer camps and vacations. And then…

The Sigh of September

When September sighs, it signifies that is time for everything to begin settling down. Once Labor Day has passed, not much is scheduled. Even the earth dons its night cap and shuffles off to bed a little earlier each evening. It pulls a blanket of darkness over it, with only the stars for a night light. We breathe easier and begin to slow down. Think about it. We have the determination and tenacity of a weed to accomplish everything on our to-do list. But even a weed takes a break and has a dormant period.

This is the time to plan for the next three months. We go from ghosts and goblins to turkey and over-eating induced comas. There are the battles of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The holiday hectic hustle begins so we can catch up to the jolly old elf in a furry red suit.

But September…

Ah, the blessed peace of this month. September releases a big sigh. It gets dark earlier, so we begin to find things we can do indoors. This is the perfect planning month. Think about what costumes to make for Halloween, without having to drag the sewing machine out. Begin searching through recipes for the perfect dish for Thanksgiving. Start your list of gifts you want to make or purchase.

Think About It..

It is also a time of reflection. If you journal, make a Bucket List. Who do you want to be? What do you want to accomplish? Where would you like to travel? Make a list and refer back to it often. As you mark off an item from your bucket list, save a place to jot down your memories.
Allow yourself to dream. Start thinking about goals you want to reach and how to get from the couch to reality. Dreams are what sustains us and keeps us moving forward. Determine what your dreams are, then map out a plan to reach them.

Do you just want a happier life in general, but don’t know how to get there? Check out this post by Annie Lewellyn, a life coach and time management specialist: How to Have the Happy Life You’ve Dreamed Of. Once you have read this great post, visit the rest of her site.  She has great posts and tips in other areas, such as Productivity, Time Management and Motivation.

As for me…

I sigh in September as well. Life on the farm slows down in September as well. The grass doesn’t grow as quickly, and it isn’t time to fully prepare the animals for winter just yet. It is still oppressively hot here in the south, so even dinner is designed to be cool and simple. A slower pace is just natural, this time of year.

September offers me a chance to  try out a new path.  To do website maintenance. It affords me the time to plan for expansion of The Farm Wife. On the farm, it allows me to reflect on what the year has been like so far, and consider ways to improve, change, remove or add different things that will help us reach our Simple Life goals. It also provides a great opportunity to prepare for the upcoming months – each of which has a holiday.

September Sighs…

Maybe we should learn to embrace that sigh. Take a breather, and grab your calendar and notebook. Pour yourself a glass of iced cold sweet tea and settle in your favorite rocker or chair. Allow your mind to wander toward your goals for the next three months.

Halloween is rapidly approaching. Think about the parties and potential costumes you need to make or buy. Consider doing your shopping a little early: Does your little girl want to be a princess? Let me make it easy for you with this adorable Elsa Dress (complete with adorable accessories!). Got a young boy who deep down is a Super Hero? Let him become The Flash. If these don’t work, there are other great costumes available.

Start your Thanksgiving planning. Read over your favorite cookbooks. Pull up those recipes you always wanted to make, but have forgotten about. Want some delicious, but easy to make hot rolls? I have you covered here with Aunt Dot’s Hot Rolls.

As for Christmas, let me make your shopping easier. Check out my Product Review Page. There are any number of items – from books, kitchen supplies and websites that will delight anyone on your Christmas list, and you will know how well they work before you spend your money. The best part is, you don’t even have to leave home to buy them. Plus – there are great gifts you can buy for yourself. After all, you are doing all the hard work of organizing and shopping – you deserve a treat!

Take Advantage

Life is hectic, busy and then gets hectic all over again for most of the year. Take advantage of the slower pace of September, and release a big sigh. By doing so, you just may come out so organized during the holidays, that you even find you have downtime during the busy holiday season. Won’t that be a pleasant gift to give yourself?

Julie Murphree is a blogger, newspaper columnist, and speaker on all things ‘Living a Simple Life on the Farm’. She is the author of \\\'The Farm Wife – Living a Simple Life on the Farm. She and her husband have 60 acres in NW Louisiana where they actively work on living as sustainable as possible.

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