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Thank you for visiting The Farm Wife Marketplace! We are so glad you stopped in. Take a moment to look around. All of the products you find will help you with homemaking, homesteading and moving forward on your Simple Life Journey.

You will find fun products such as The Farm Wife Cookbook, filled with family recipes handed down for generations, and the Ultimate Manual for the Art of Homemaking, a great reference book for homemakers!

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Looking for a Simple Life? Try these Products

an image of Your Lifestyle Plan ebook with daisies
Have you ever found yourself contemplating your current lifestyle, and possibly creating a new lifestyle plan?  What started out as the best thing possible may now be changing into something that no longer is working for you. Your Lifestyle Plan offers everything you need to get started and keep moving forward.
Price: $15.99
If you are ready to get started living a Simple Life, the Simple Life Workbook is the place to begin! This comprehensive Workbook can help you start mapping out your journey through discovering your true priorities, embracing passions long forgotten, and finding ways to slow down, celebrate life and learn to deeply love the new life you have created.
Price: $19.99
Homemaking is the management of a household. It involves much more than cleaning, grocery shopping or cooking meals. This is where The Ultimate Guide to the Art of Homemaking comes in handy. With 81 pages, it is chock-full of information, forms, charts and wisdom to get you get your started on your own homemaking journey.
Price: $19.99
There are plenty of products on the market that offer to help make dinner faster, cleaning easier, and your garden more productive. But what about the Homemaker? That’s where the Homemaker Helper eBook comes in. This eBook has over 100 tips, checklists, recipes, and ideas to help you overcome the maladies that we sometimes suffer – like frustration, burnout, depression, and more. Price: $7.99

Afternoon Tea is simple way we can tell ourselves we are important. The Enchantment of Afternoon Tea is designed to help us revisit those quiet times. It brings back a touch of grace to our world and gives us permission to relax and enjoy the person we are.
Price: $9.99
The Farm Wife in the Kitchen is full of southern-style family recipes. It includes delicious appetizers for your next party and carries through to Daddy’s sourdough bread starter.
Don’t miss the recipe for Apple Peel Jelly to serve on those cheese biscuits!
Price: $6.99
Baking Bread as a Relationship eBook is designed to help you with your bread baking progression – just as you would in any relationship. Each section has a list of the basic information, recipes, and a page you can use to make your own notes. And as a bonus, there is a Lagniappe Section that shares even more ideas for baking your own bread at home! Price: $9.99
The Simple Life Dollars and Sense eBook is designed to help you on your journey to financial success.  You work hard for your paycheck every day. Why not make every dime count? With a little bit of self-discipline and a plan, you can begin today to make your hard work pay off for today and the future.

In the Simple Life Dollars and Sense eBook, the goal is to help you find ways to make your income dollars stretch, minimize your debt, and how to live within your means. Price: $9.99
Take the worry and the stress out of managing your finances with this Simple Home Budget Worksheet!

The Simple Home Budget Worksheet is an Excel Spreadsheet – ready to be downloaded and adapted to your personal finances. It also offers an At a Glance Pie Chart that is easy to read and understand. With a basic understanding of Excel, you can easily edit the Simple Home Budget Worksheet to include the categories that best work for your household.
Price: $9.99
a circle image-a black and white face cow painting, a vintge white pitcher filled with sunflowers, and an enamelware coffee pot
The Simple Life Home Finance Bundle allows your frugal nature to shine! Instead of paying the retail price of each product, Bundle them and save 23%! The Simple Life Home Finance Bundle includes:
Simple Life Dollars & Sense eBook
Simple Home Budget
Home Income & Expense Spreadsheet Price: $22.99

Marketplace Items for the Gardener & Homesteader

Love to garden? Be sure to check out these products!

One of the basic elements of Living a Simple Life is learning how to grow at least a small portion of food to feed your family. But growing a garden is more than just the harvest. It is a way of expressing who we are, our values, and even our creative nature.

Most of us know the basics of gardening. The Simple Life Garden eWorkbook isn’t a beginner’s guide. Instead, it helps you move to the next step of gardening. Price: $9.99
Growing your own food is a given, but what if we want a little bit of fun when it comes to designing it? What if we have space restrictions? That is where the Garden Plans & Themes eWorkbook comes in handy!

In this fun but beneficial Garden Plans & Themes eWorkbook, you can learn the basics of how to plan for Theme Gardens using Companion Planting and start creating your own fun gardens no matter what size your planting space is!
Price: $7.99
Homesteading takes a lot of work and dedication. To make your homestead successful, it means getting up early and going to bed late. With all the other things we worry about on our homestead, the one thing we should feel secure with is knowing that our finances are in order. But what exactly do we need to plan for?

This Homestead Finance eWorkbook isn’t how to do a budget for your homestead – but will help you know how to create a budget through defining your visions, planning, goal setting, and how to prepare for success! Price: $7.99
If Gardening is a goal for your Simple Life and Homesteading Journey, you just can’t miss with this Simple Life Garden Bundle! Not only do you get great information and worksheets, but at just over 25% off, it is also a great way to exercise your frugal nature, as well!

The Simple Life Garden Bundle includes:
The Garden Workbook
Garden Plans & Themes Workbook
Homestead Finances Workbook
Price: $19.99

Do You Need Some Help Getting Christmas Organized?

Then be sure to check out these products!

Have a Merry Simple Christmas is designed to help keep your holiday organized and running smoothly – and still maintain the normal daily activities and meals.

It is loaded with tips, ideas and worksheets to help you do just that. From getting organized with a notebook and gift ideas to recipes and DIY instructions, Have a Merry, Simple Christmas can help!
Price: $19.99
The 25 Days to a Merry Simple Christmas Journal is designed to help you take time for yourself during this busy season to rest, relax and ponder the wonder of the season.

Set aside an hour each day. Put on some soft music and fix yourself a mug of hot chocolate or tea. Then curl up in a favorite chair, armed with your copy of 25 Days to a Merry Simple Christmas Journal and a pen, and enjoy the memories!
Price: $3.99

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