The Farm Wife in the Kitchen

The Farm Wife in the Kitchen Cookbook Cover Mockup

Join the Farm Wife in the Kitchen!

Join the Farm Wife in the Kitchen and get ready to enjoy some tried and true, old fashioned family recipes.  Having a party?  You don’t want to miss Timmy’s Black-eyed Pea dip, or Amie’s Fig & Cream Cheese Dip. 

Having a barbeque?  Check out Mark’s Crusted Chipotle Pork Tenderloin.  And to wash it all down, make a pitcher or two of my Lemonade or Sweet Tea.

Generations of Family Recipes 

When Aunt Dot passed away in 2001, I was asked multiple times if I had her recipe for different foods she prepared.  When I realized I didn’t, I made it my goal to find every one I could.  From there, I created a Family Cookbook, and passed it out to family and a few friends who had long since been ‘adopted’.

This cookbook is an excerpt of some of those recipes, plus a few that have been added (they were so good we had no choice but to include them!). Most, however, have been handed down over generations.  Although one or two can be found on my website (Aunt Dot’s Hot Rolls recipe is worth sharing more than once!), the rest  are exclusive to this cookbook.

The Farm Wife in the Kitchen Cookbook Cover Mockup

The Categories Include:

  • Front Porch Refreshments
  • Appetizers
  • Main Dishes
  • Breads
  • Sides, Soups & Vegetables
  • Desserts & Sweets
  • Miscellaneous Recipes

All of the recipes have been prepared for years, and are tried and true, and fit for any family gathering.  If you are having a picnic, you don’t want to miss easy salads like the Broccoli Salad and Cole Slaw.  For cold nights when you just want soup, we Southern folk just can’t pass up the Crawfish, Corn and Potato Soup.

You also get the Cheese Biscuit recipe that was served for over 50 years at every Christmas breakfast.  Topped with the Apple Peel Jelly, and you will certainly be you own family’s favorite for years to come!

Join The Farm Wife in the Kitchen!

Love the idea of 49 recipes that will tempt any family member?  Get your copy now for $4.99.  It is a downloadable pdf, which means you can select the recipes you want now and save the rest for later.  Or just print it all out, put it in a notebook, and keep it right on your Cookbook shelf!

Want a taste test first?  Click HERE and get 9 recipes as a free sample!