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Subscriber Resources – Freebies

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Vehicle Emergency Checklist

Related Post: Car Maintenance

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Bean Bag Toss Mini eBook

Related Post: Lawn Games – Have Fun with Old Fashioned Games!

halloween freebie

Happy Halloween eBook

Related Post: Party Big with a Halloween Party!

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Dreams for 2022 Worksheet

Related Posts: How to Create a Beautiful Life

Make A Choice

Simple Life Finances mini eBook

Related Post: Basic Finances for Homemakers

Hostess Guide for a Holiday Planning Party

Related Post: How to Have Fun with a Swap Meet

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Fun with Canning eBook

Related Post: The Basics of Canning

subscriber resources

Follow Your Dreams to a Simple Life eBook

Related Post: Shifting to a Simple Life

subscriber resources

Living from Scratch Giveaway Checklist

subscriber resources

Crochet Pot Scrubbers

Related Post: Handmade Christmas #4

subscriber resources

Best Kitchen Tools Checklist

Related Post: 65 Best Kitchen Tools For A Great Cooking Experience

Garden Themes & Plans e-book

Related Post: How to Cultivate Fun, Flavor & ‘Buzz’ in a Theme Garden

subscriber resources

Simple Life Checklist

Related Post: Blending Homemaking, Homesteading & A Simple Life

subscriber resources

Gratitude Quote

Related Post: How to Stay Grateful – Keep a Gratitude Journal

Macaroni & Cheese Recipe

Related Post: Decorate and Plan With Love for a Better Thanksgiving

Paradise-style Cream of Chicken Soup

Related Post: Dinner Made Easy – Two In One Meals

subscriber resources

Kitchen Substitutions

Related Post: Think You are a Baking Failure? Try These Tips!

subscriber resources

Summer Reading Checklist

Related Post: Never Stop Learning

subscriber resources

Escape the Heat!

Related Post: How to Create the Perfect Portable Summer Fun!

Afternoon Tea Recipes

Related Post: The Enchantment of Afternoon Tea

subscriber resources

Weekly Meal Plan

Related Post: How to Create a Weekly Meal Plan

Daily Observation Journal

Related Post: Silence

subscriber resources

Eddie’s Daily Worksheet

Related Post: Song & Dance Finding Joy in the Everyday Life

subscriber resources

Pot Luck e-book

Related Post: How to Host a Pot Luck

subscriber resources

1st Annual Winter Reading List (2020)

Related Post: The Winter Reading List

subscriber resources

Christmas Spirit in a Jar (The Christmas Version)

subscriber resources

Christmas Spirit in a Jar (Year-Round Version)

Related Post: How to Bottle Christmas Spirit in a Jar

Marinated Carrots

Related Post: Vegetables in a Shaker Garden

subscriber resources

Simple Life Word Search

Related Post: The Basics of a Simple Life

subscriber resources

Weekly Calendar & Meal Planning (April 2021)

Related Post: How to Create an Easy Meal Plan

Chocolate Layered Delight

Related Post: How to Create the Perfect Portable Summer Fun!

Apple Pizza

Banana Pudding

Related Post: Banana Pudding – 1 Sad Day in The Lost Art of Cooking

subscriber resources

Saying ‘No’ with Grace Checklist

Related Post: 12 Questions

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