Simple Life Pop Quiz – Get Accolades for Passing!

I always hated pop quizzes when I was in school. But life has a way of making me take them over and over again. And now it’s your turn. It’s time to take the Simple Life Pop Quiz!

It should be easy. The Simple Life Pop Quiz only has ten questions. First, it’s designed to help you determine how well you know what a Simple Life is. Secondly, if you miss an answer, it will show you where you need to ‘polish’ up your knowledge.

Are you ready, Class? It’s time to get out a piece of paper. Sharpen your pencil. And no looking at someone else’s paper!

Directions for taking the Simple Life Pop Quiz

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The questions for the Simple Life Pop Quiz are all multiple choice. Choose the answer you feel best fits. Write down your answer on your paper.

Each question is directly related to a post that has been written. Be sure to read each question carefully.  Some answers may fit, but still won’t be correct. There will be only one correct answer to each question.  Make sure you choose the one that best fits!

In most classrooms, you can’t have food or drink when taking a test. However, for the Simple Life Pop Quiz, feel free to enjoy a glass of Lemonade, or just incorporate it into your Afternoon Tea!

The Simple Life Pop Quiz – Questions

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Question #1: Why Is a Simple Life a Good Choice to Make?

  • a) We can quit our jobs and stay home
  • b) We can do what we want when we want to do it
  • c) We can move from Consumer to Producer
  • d) We can volunteer more in our communities

Question #2: Which is one good way to manage your finances?

  • a) Pay all the bills when they come in
  • b) Hire a bookkeeper
  • c)  Spend until the money runs out
  • d) Learn to live frugally

Question #3: When things get tough, we need to find a way to get over the obstacles. One way is to look inside ourselves for hidden strengths. They can be a:

  • a) Simple Solution
  • b) Lifeline
  • c)  Reason to find a new project
  • d) An example of how to delegate

A Simple Life eWorkbook

Question #4: When setting goals for your Simple Life, you should:

  • a) Jot down a few thoughts about what you want to do
  • b) Create a detailed step by step outline complete with deadlines
  • c)  Give up and have Afternoon Tea instead
  • d) Make them as clear and specific as possible

Question #5: Social Obligations are important because:

  • a) You can be an active member of your community
  • b) You have an opportunity to showcase your skills
  • c)  You can catch up on the local ‘information’
  • d) It helps to relieve boredom

Question #6: A hand-written letter is beneficial because:

  • a) Our internet connection is no longer working
  • b) It’s too expensive to call long distance
  • c)  It adds more value than an email
  • d) Everyone is too busy to answer the phone

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Question #7: The Definition of Homemaking is:

  • a) Someone who stays at home
  • b) Management of a Household
  • c)  Unpaid Chauffer and Errand Boy
  • d) Cleaning a home and doing laundry

Question #8: Baking a Fudge Pie is easy. One of the ingredients is:

  • a) Graham Cracker Pie Crust
  • b) Cream
  • c)  Buttermilk
  • d) Cocoa

Question #9: Learning to live a Handmade Life is Important because:

  • a) It benefits your mental health
  • b) It uses up spare time
  • c) It’s a great escape from housework
  • d) It saves time from shopping

Question #10: A productive garden means you:

  • a) Can plant anywhere in your yard
  • b) Need to be aware of changing seasons
  • c)  Have to have a huge space
  • d) You are limited to vegetables only

The Simple Life Pop Quiz Bonus Question

a ceramic rooster next to a glass filled with orange sherbet topped with a mint leaf

You do know that every Pop Quiz usually has a bonus question. the Simple Life Pop Quiz is no different. Unfortunately, these aren’t always as easy as multiple choice. But it still shouldn’t be a difficult question to answer, if you have been applying what you are learning.

Bonus Question

Part A: List five ways you have been actively applying living a Simple Life.

Part B: List three things you want to start doing in your quest to living a Simple Life.

Simple Life Pop Quiz Answers

Question #1 – The Answer is C – found in Ask Yourself Why a Simple Life is a Great Choice

When we move from producer to consumer, we find that we are less dependent on technology and outside sources. We begin to be able to take care of ourselves and family through our own skills and abilities.

Question #2 – The answer is D – Basic Finances for Homemakers

We know that we should spend our money towards the absolute necessities first, such as a roof over our heads and food for our families. But frugality goes further than that.

Questions #3 – The answer is B – Hidden Strengths: Finding Help When You Need It Most

There are days when we feel we just can’t accomplish anything. Within the emotional turmoil, we think the ‘entire world’ is against us. Nothing is going right. Our ideas aren’t coming out right. We just feel as if we can’t do anything at all. That’s when we need to give ourselves a pep talk and find our Hidden Strengths.

a calm pond reflecting trees; a boat and a red dog on the bank

Questions #4 – The answer is D – How to Set Goals for Your Simple Life Journey

Whether we are just starting out on living a Simple Life, or are well into the journey, we still need to know what direction we want to go next. That’s when you need to set goals for your Simple Life Journey.

Questions #5 – The answer is A – The Social Obligations of a Homemaker

Being a homemaker is more than just cleaning house and cooking meals. It’s also about learning to live within our villages, communities, and spending more time with family!

Questions #6 – The answer is C – How to Revive the Lost Art of Writing Letters

There are times when a personal note takes on more value than an email.  You would never send a condolence card through email, much less put those sentiments in a text.  Instead, you pick up your pen and apply the art of writing letters from the heart.

Questions #7 – The answer is B – The Basics of Homemaking – Revival of an Important Lost Art

The official definition of Homemaking is “the management of a household”.  From cleaning, cooking, finances, health care and more, a successful homemaker manages the home in a way that is similar in nature to running a small business. Managing a home isn’t difficult and can be very satisfying.

a fudge pie topped with whipped cream and crushed peppermint sprinkles

Questions #8 – The answer is D – How to Bake a Fudge Pie with Only 7 Ingredients         

Okay. I asked this Simple Life Pop Quiz question because I have been craving a Fudge Pie. But learning how to cook and bake is still a beneficial goal in living a Simple Life!

Questions #9 – The answer is A – Embrace and Enjoy the Handmade Life

When you embrace and enjoy the handmade life, you not only ‘do the math’, but you also benefit the emotional side of your brain. Crafting, regardless of the medium, helps to reduce stress, depression and other mental health.

Questions #10 – The answer is B – Simple and Smart Tips for a Productive Garden

Be aware that as the seasons change, so does the sun. If possible, keep a daily record of the light in your yard based on the season and time of day. When you are absolutely certain of the best location for your garden, then you can start digging!

Bonus Question:

Only you can know the correct answer to this one – so no matter how you answered it, you got it right!

a close up of a grey donkey

How Did you Score on your Simple Life Pop Quiz?

Each correct answer is worth 10 points. If you scored between 0 and 10, then you may want to determine if living a Simple Life is for you. It may help to listen in on the Living a Simple Life with a Back Porch View Podcast. Episode 6 can help you find an answer.

If you scored between 20 and 50, it sounds like you are at least applying some of the basics of living a Simple Life. Still, you may need a bit of help. If so, you can start working on Scheduling Tips for the Homemaker to help you find time to work on the priorities you’ve set.

If you scored between 60 and 90, give yourself a round of applause! You are well on your way to living a Simple Life! You may be ready to learn something new and different. If so, try weaving a bracelet!

Be sure to let me know how you scored on your Simple Life Pop Quiz. Just drop a comment below. If you scored 110%, beware. I may be asking you to each the next class!

Julie Murphree is a blogger, newspaper columnist, and speaker on all things ‘Living a Simple Life on the Farm’. She is the author of \\\'The Farm Wife – Living a Simple Life on the Farm. She and her husband have 60 acres in NW Louisiana where they actively work on living as sustainable as possible.

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