Simple Life Journal – Feminine

Keeping a Simple Life Journal is beneficial to our daily lives in more ways that one. We all need time to reflect on our days.

We also need to have a place to write down our thoughts and ideas helps to keep us focused.

We also need an opportunity to give ourselves a pat on the back through self-affirmations.

But with each day the weather changes. We have new thoughts and new reasons to remind ourselves we are doing our best.

Keeping a Simple Life Journal is a perfect place to do just that. In this Journal, you can record your accomplishments, your dreams, your thoughts and more.

But you also need encouragement each day of your journey. That is where the Simple Life Journal comes in handy.

Each day offers you and inspirational quote which can help to motivate you on those tough days, and offer affirmation on the successful ones.

There is also a place to record the weather. If you are a gardener, this information helps to track weather patterns.

Keep track of your Simple Life Journey easily with this helpful feminine version of the Simple Life Journal.

This journal includes a place for your Vision and Mission Statements, and 15 daily pages to add notes, thoughts and ideas for each day of your journey.

This Journal also works hand-in-hand with Your Lifestyle Plan. With both, you can make the lifestyle shift to becoming who your were meant to be.

The Simple Life Journal comes in two versions – a Feminine Version and a Simple Version.

Although each have the same information, the Feminine version is softer, with teals and pinks, the Simple Version is a bit bolder, in reds and blues.

Learn the joys of keeping a Journal by getting your copy today.