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The Self Reliance Challenge 2019

January 1 to January 31, 2019

Get ready to challenge yourself to improve your Self Reliance skills.  Come hang out with other homesteaders, small farmers, folks who love creating  and those who just want to be frugal and live a simple life.  This is a great opportunity to visit with those who strive to be as self-reliant as possible. Learn more about:

    • Growing your own vegetables, herbs and fruits (and what to do with them when it’s harvest time)
    • Canning and preserving
    • Meal planning
    • Cooking from Scratch & Bread baking
    • Keeping livestock for meat and dairy products
    • DIY – from crafts for the home and gifts to irrigation systems for your garden
    • Create your own natural bath and beauty products
    • Saving Money
    • Taking care of your family – including homeschooling
    • and so many more great things!

Go ahead – visit some of the folks who will be joining The Self Reliance Challenge…

Kathi – Oak Hill Homestead

Nancy – Nancy On The Homefront

AnnMarie – 15 Acre Homestead

Farmgal – Just another Day on the Farm

Candy – Candy’s Farm House Pantry

Kristi – Stone Family Farmstead

Marla – Organic 4 Greenlivings

Heidi – Healing Harvest Homestead

Victoria – Modern Homestead Mama

Shawna – Homegrown Self Reliance

Stephanie – Happily Homegrown

Bethany – Family Growing Pains

Dianne – Hidden Springs Homestead

Julie – The Farm Wife 

Lacey – Home & Harrow

Eddie and Joy – Bean Post Farmstead

Sherri Ann – Experimental Homestead

Lisa Lynn – The Self Sufficient HomeAcre

The New Homesteader’s Almanac

Hang around for more great information and almost endless possibilities on moving your forward on your Journey.  We will all look forward to visiting with you!

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