Your Lifestyle Plan


Become the person you were meant to be with this step-by-step to creating Your Lifestyle Plan



Have you ever found yourself contemplating your current lifestyle, and possibly creating a new lifestyle plan?  What started out as the best thing possible may now be changing into something that no longer is working for you.


There are so many reasons we contemplate changing our way of life.  Marriage. Divorce.  Moving to a new city.  Having children.  And even extreme issues such as world-wide pandemics and civil unrest, just to name a few. We know making a change is necessary, but we don’t really know the best way to go about it.



Ready for the New Possibilities a Lifestyle Plan can Bring? 


If you are ready to explore the possibilities of a new life, Your Lifestyle Plan just may be the help you are looking for.


This e-book outlines each step you need to make to help you create the person you were meant to be. From Vision Statements to Finances, it covers everything you will need to do. There are also worksheets for each section you can fill in and keep in a notebook.


This e-book is based on the premise of a business plan.  Although we do not consider our lives a ‘business’, a lifestyle plan can use some of the same categories. The categories include:


  • Vision Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Overview
  • Growth Strategy
  • Proficiency
  • Communication
  • Goals
  • Financial Statement


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Is it time for a change?  Let Your Lifestyle Plan help you on your new journey.  Go ahead. Allow yourself the freedom to dream, to think, to explore and to plan.


This is your Life. Let the beautiful, wonderful, talented person you are emerge!




Julie has a way of dragging your dreams out of you, then giving you the tools you need to methodically change things in logical steps to get there. The book is invaluable. I love how she takes the steps from a corporate business plan and explains and expands. She even gives examples from her own life and plan. She makes it so simple.

– Joy Racicot –


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