The Farm Wife Cookbook


Southern-style family recipes from my kitchen to yours!


The Farm Wife Cookbook is full of southern-style family recipes. It includes delicious appetizers for your next party, and carries through to Daddy’s sourdough bread starter. Don’ miss the recipe for Apple Peel Jelly to serve on those cheese biscuits!


Meal Time is for Families


Our clan loves to cook, and we view meal time as family time. Holidays revolve around meals. There is always room for family, friends and neighbors, and often the table is full to overflowing.

The food is simple. Meals are fun. Conversation and laughter flow, almost as fast as the food is consumed. The table is crowded with meats, vegetables, salads, and relishes. Everyone is welcome. Our hope is they all come hungry and leave well fed and happy.


The Farm Wife, Recipes & Family


The Farm Wife Cookbook is primarily a collection of family recipes. Thanks to my generous siblings, a few new ones have been tossed in. My brother Mark Stephenson, and sister Amie Mitchell, contributed a few of the newer ones. Each one they submitted is delicious enough to be adopted into the family food traditions. The remaining recipes come from Aunt Dot, Aunt Evelyn, Mom, Dad, me, and other family members and friends.

The Farm Wife Cookbook does include a few recipes which can be found on my website, or have been shared in my newspaper column (these are what I would consider ‘signature’ recipes, such as Aunt Dot’s Hot Rolls, Apple Pie with Cheese Crust, and Lemonade), but most are not. The rest are exclusive to this book.


The Categories:

Refreshments from the Front Porch
Main Dishes
Salads, Sides and Vegetables



I hope you enjoy each and every one of them. As you prepare each recipe, please be sure to add that little secret ingredient that blends everything together to create the perfect flavor:



– julie murphree


Want to ‘taste test’ first?  Click HERE for a free mini-version with 9 recipes to try!


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