Start Strong with the Homestead Finance Bundle


Gain control of your finances and get your homestead off to a great start with this Homestead Finance Bundle! With the convenience of 4 products in one, you can start managing your money today!




The Homestead Finance Bundle

Gain control of your finances and get your homestead off to a great start with this Homestead Finance Bundle!

In this Bundle, you will find:

  • Simple Life Dollars & Sense eBook
  • Home Budget Spreadsheet (Excel)
  • Home Income & Expense Spreadsheet (Excel)
  • Homestead Income & Expense Spreadsheet (Excel)

Getting Started with your Homestead Finance Bundle

To get you started, the Simple Life Dollars & Sense outlines everything you need to do to get started building an efficient financial management system for you home and homestead. Full of information, worksheets and more, this ebook is perfect for those who are just getting started and for those who want to find a better way to manage their finances.

Simple Home Budget Worksheet

The Home Budget is a perfect place to keep track of your projected income and expenses for the year.

homesteading income expense spreadsheet

The Home Income & Expense Spreadsheet works hand-in-hand with the Home Budget, and gives you an actual accounting of all money earned and spent.


Income and Expense Spreadsheet for Homesteaders and Small Farms Page 1

The Homestead Income & Expense Spreadsheet takes both spreadsheets a step further and is designed specifically for income and expenses that occur on the homestead. It breaks down every possible category to give you a full understanding of money coming in and money going out.

All three spreadsheets come with an ‘At A Glance’ graph to show you where the majority of your money is coming from  and where it is going. This is a tremendous help during the decsion making process – where you need to increase income, decrease expenses, or what area needs a financial boost.

(For more information on each product, click the link and get the details!)


About the Homestead Finance Bundle Spreadsheets


These spreadsheets have been created in Excel. With a working knowledge of Excel, these spreadsheets can easily be adapted to your home and homestead. Simply click in the text box you want to change and edit the text. All of the numerical calculations are already done for you.

There is an additional Data Chart at the end of the spreadsheet that calculates the numbers from each section. This information is then transferred to the Chart. At the very bottom, you will see 3 tabs:

  • How to Use the Spreadsheet
  • Data
  • Chart

If you have any questions or need help with your spreadsheets, just email me at [email protected] and I will be happy to help in anyway I can!


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