Gardening with the Moon Phases & Signs Calendar


From April 2020 to March 2021, The Moon Phase & Sign calendar is a great tool for any gardener’s tool box!




A Gardening with the Moon Calendar is a great tool to add to any gardener’s tool box. It is like having an extra set of hands when planting. Sometimes, we need all the help we can get. Between rain drops, cold weather and all the other weather related issues, we often beg for HELP!

This calls for an expert. The best ‘expert’ I know is the Man in the Moon! One of the ways he can help is with this Moon Phase and Sign Calendar. Here you will find:


  •  the best days to plant leafy greens & grains

  •  when to plant above ground plants, such as tomatoes & peppers

  •  a time when root crops should be planted

  •  barren days – better to do pruning and other garden maintenance chores


Moon Phase Calendar - April 2020


Moon Calendar


This calendar goes from April, 2020 to March, 2021. It gives you a full year to plan when to start your seeds and add your plants to the garden. It can easily be downloaded, printed, and ready to add to your Gardening Notebook in minutes. At $9.99, it is the best investment to add to this year’s gardening agenda!



Learn More About Gardening with the Moon

Once you have purchased your calendar, you can read more about how to Garden with the Moon HERE.  This post offers and in-depth explanation to the phases, signs and how to use the process to help you have the best garden ever!



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