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Company: New England Cheese Making Supplies


My Story:


When I first began milking, I quickly figured out I would have to learn to process all that milk. At first, I just did the simplest thing possible – butter. But milk quickly adds up. To learn more, I purchased a copy of Ricki Carroll’s Home Cheesemaking. From there, I began to order cultures and supplies from the company she owns, New England Cheesemaking Supplies. Quite a few items also ended up on Christmas lists. There is not a single product that I have been disappointed in. At one point, I did have an issue with getting my buttermilk to thicken. All it took was an email enquiry to get an answer, and the problem had nothing to do with the product.


What I Love About this Company:


Products – from cultures to equipment, you can find all the supplies you will need in one place. Muslins, rennets, culture, molds, utensils. You name it, they probably have it.

Help – I did have an issue with my buttermilk getting thick. I emailed the company, and in less than an hour I had not only a response, but also a solution. As it was, I also got a lesson in the acidity of milk – I just needed to add a little.

Additional Information – you can also sign up for emails, which offers you recipes and other information to improve your cheese-making skills

Quality – I have ordered or been gifted several pieces of equipment – from curd knives and slotted spoons, to molds and measuring spoon. All are of top quality and reasonably priced

Shipping – All of my orders have come quickly – within 10 to 14 days of ordering. There were a couple of orders that came much quicker.

Other Resources – on the web page, you will also find sections on Learning, For the Beginner and other great resources for making cheese at home.




One of the things I think is best about this company is that you don’t have to have a milk cow to order from them. If you want to try your hand at making cheese, if you are a homeschooling parent, or if you are a grandparent who wants a different but fun way to entertain the grandkids when they come to visit, New England Cheese Making Supplies offers some great kits – from Mozzarella and Farmhouse Cheddar to Goat Milk and Mascarpone. Most everyone will be able to enjoy making cheese at home!


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