How to Make Your Own Firecrackers

You just got to love firecrackers! With Independence Day coming up, I love to do something to celebrate.  It may be small, like baking a cake.  There might be a family get together planned. 

Or, I may end up just getting crafty.  But no matter what I do, firecrackers are usually on the agenda.

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Each year, I try to make a few of my own firecrackers. Now, don’t get nervous and call the authorities.  These firecrackers are totally harmless.  Really.  I promise!

How can that be?  Well, they are made out of fabric. All it takes is a piece of fabric, a little bit of twine and some glue.  Altogether, you may spend 10 minutes, if that long, on making one.  But just like potato chips, one just isn’t enough!

a flower arrangement using handmade firecrackers

What do you Use Handmade Firecrackers For?

If I am hosting a 4th of July gathering, I like to sprinkle them down the length of a table runner.  It gives us a bit of added dimension to the table.

Another option is to stick them on a toothpick, then insert them into the top of a cupcake.  Add a few sprinkles to the icing and you have a fun dessert.

Or, by sticking them on a bamboo skewer, you can add them to a flower arrangement.  This adds a touch of pizazz to fresh or silk flowers, and makes a perfect centerpiece for the Independence holiday.

There are any number of ways you can use them.  Think outside the box, and you will probably come up with five or six ideas.  If you have a birthday that coincides with the 4th of July, add a few to a party favor bag.  Any way you use them will add that special touch of fun!

Note: Below are step-by-step directions on how to make these. If you would like to watch a video on how fabric firecrackers are made, join me over on YouTube at The Farmhouse Gathering!

How to Make Them

Supplies to Make handmade fireworks


Cutting fabric strips for handmade firecrackers


Cutting strips into rectangles for firecrackers

Cut fabric into 2” x 5” rectangles.  The easiest way to do this is to cut your fabric into 2” strips first, and then cut each strip into as many 5” pieces as the strip allows.

Cut the jute twine ‘fuses’ into 3-1/2” pieces, set aside.

gluing the jute fuse to a handmade firecracker

To assemble the firecrackers, lay a rectangle in front of you, with the short end facing you.  Add a strip of glue at the very edge.

Pull the jute ‘fuse’ straight, and place on the glue strip.  Allow to dry for just a moment.

Creating handmade fireworks

As tightly as possible, begin rolling the fabric around the jute.  You don’t have to get it super tight, but a tight roll will help the final project come out neater.

Add glue to the end of your fabric

Once you reach the opposite end of the fabric, add another line of glue to the edge.  Continue to roll until the glue adheres to the outside of the firecracker. 

With a pair of scissors, trim the ends of any loose threads or exposed jute.

Handmade firecrackers

Easy as Pie!

Now that you have your first one completed, it’s time to make more.  Decide how many you will need, and keep rolling until you have them.

One of the great things about this project is it is easy for kids to do as well.  For smaller children, you may want to do the cutting.  But they can certainly do the rest themselves.

Learn to Make your Own Firecrackers!

Want to take it to the next level?  Lightly spray the outsides of the firecrackers with fabric adhesive, and roll them in red, white, or blue glitter.  Dip the tip end of the jute in fire-red fingernail polish, to make it appear the firecracker has been lit.

A Few Helpful Notes:

The first step involves cutting out numerous rectangles of fabric. Although you can cut them out with scissors, I find using a self-healing mat and rotary cutter much quicker and easier. 

Yes, they can be a bit expensive to purchase, but if you do much crafting with fabric, they will save you not only time, but sore fingers as well.  Plus, your cuts are straighter. To me, they are well worth the money!

As for fabric, you need such small pieces for each firecracker, you can save money by looking in your fabric stash first.  This project is one of the main reasons I save all my scraps when cutting out a larger piece for a different project.

One roll of jute will not only make plenty of firecrackers, but you will have a lot left over.  Jute twine can be used for so many other things, it is well worth the investment of a couple of dollars or less.

If you want longer, thicker firecrackers, just make the adjustment in size when you cut out your rectangles.  This is one of those projects that will allow you to let your own creativity shine through!

Did you try this project?  Share photos, and/or tell me how you used them!

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  1. Those are so cute! And so easy to make too. Thanks for sharing with us at Encouraging Hearts and Home. Pinned.

    1. You’re welcome, Joanne! I made a bunch for this year, and a friend saw them and took them all with her. Good thing they are easy to do! 🙂

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