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Welcome to the Living from Scratch Giveaway!

The Living from Scratch Giveaway is a group of bloggers within the homemaking, homesteading, simple life, and self-reliance arena who have come together to answer questions, offer tips, ideas, direction, and much more.

Why a Living from Scratch Giveaway? Let’s break it down a bit.

Merriam Webster defines living from scratch as “to earn barely enough to live”.  When put into words like that, it can have an ominous feel to it; downright scary and depressing.

But with pandemics, food scarcity, and job losses, it also feels as if we are living that definition. Even if we have our jobs, we still are waiting for the other shoe to drop, so to speak. Then the question becomes, ‘If that shoe drops, do we have enough? Can we feed our family? Is survival an option?’

How many times have you asked yourself:

  • If that shoe drops, do we have enough?
  • Will we be able to feed our family?
  • Is survival an option?
  • How will we make our money stretch?
  • What can I learn now that will help us if it starts raining boots, loafers, tennis shoes and more?
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Don’t worry – you have an umbrella! It is called the ‘Living from Scratch’ Giveaway!

The contributing bloggers for the Living from Scratch Giveaway have been in your shoes. They all started out asking the same questions. To get the answers, they did their research and paid their dues through learning, applying, trying, failing, and learning from their mistakes.

When you visit each blogger, you will find great tips and information within the homemaking, homesteading, simple life and self-reliance arena. From gardening to canning your harvest; stretching your budget; raising small livestock and what to do with the milk; to growing herbs and making Kombucha, you will learn all of this and so much more!

Through these great posts, we can help you reduce the worry about the future and offer ways to relieve the weight of financial stresses, feeding your family, and surviving anything life can throw at you.

And as you peruse your way through some great posts, each blogger is offering a sweet gift (for free!) that you can print out, add to your notebooks, and learn even more!

living from scratch giveaway

Tell Me More About those Freebies!

I am so glad you asked! First – because I know you are going to be excited to meet all the other bloggers under the umbrella, I have decided to offer you a freebie each week. This means you don’t have to scramble to download everything right away. This way, we can visit for a bit, then you can stop by the other bloggers to get their take on things.

Each week, stop back by for a visit. There will be two new posts (Tuesdays and Thursdays) where you will find tips on decorating, bartering, DIY and much more! Be sure to tell me what you have learned, what you want to explore deeper, and your favorite new idea.

If you didn’t sign up to get the first freebie, no worries. You can easily subscribe at the end of each weekly post. And if you miss a freebie, once you subscribe you will have access to the Subscribers Only Resource Page where you can find the ones you may have missed.

Here’s the Weekly Freebie Schedule for The Farm Wife:

Week One (September 1st – 4th):

Follow Your Dreams to a Simple Life (eBook)

living from scratch giveaway

Get started on your Journey with this Follow Your Dreams to a Simple Life eBook. Complete with worksheets, tips, and more!

Before you start downloading! – I know there are a bunch of FREE products in the Living From Scratch Giveaway. It’s a daunting task to get them all downloaded on the first day. Fortunately, you have one full month to do so! Instead of doing them all at once, feel free to do them as you can. To help you keep track of what you have downloaded and what is still pending, get your FREE Living From Scratch Freebie Checklist!

Now that you can keep track of all of your Freebies – go ahead! Sign up and download the Follow Your Dreams to a Simple life ebook. Just click on Mel’s photo below! Don’t worry – if you are already a Subscriber, there is no need to subscribe again. Just go to the Subscribers Only Resource page to get your copy.

Week Two (September 5th – 11th)

Fun with Canning (mini eBook)

living from scratch giveaway

Get started canning with fresh ways to preserve your produce!

Week Three (September 12th – 18th)

The Hostess Guide to Holiday Planning (eBook)

living from scratch giveaway

Ready to gather friends together to help plan the holidays? Find some fun tips on how to host a Planning Party!

Week Four (September 19th – 25th)

Simple Life Finances (mini eBook)

living from scratch giveaway

Get started gaining control of your finances with this easy to use Simple Life Finances mini eBook!

Week Five (September 26th – 30th)

25 Days to a Merry, Simple Christmas Journal

(sold in my Marketplace for $3.99, but you get it for free during the Giveaway!)

Keep all your Christmas memories safe and close with this 25 Days to a Merry Simple Christmas Journal!

To get your freebies from me, all you have to do is sign up for my Newsletter. The first one will arrive right away, and then the rest will come each week. Don’t forget to access the Subscribers Only Resource Page. Not only will you find your freebies there as well, but you will also have access to other great freebies, including recipes, checklists and so much more!

And before you worry about signing up every week – you don’t have to! Once you sign up, the Freebies in the Giveaway will be coming to you automatically on a weekly basis. Just sign up once. After the Giveaway is over, you will start getting a weekly email from me each Monday.

living from scratch giveaway

Even More FREE Fun from the Living from Scratch Giveaway Bloggers!

The Free stuff doesn’t just stop with me – it keeps on coming! Stop by for a visit with these other great bloggers, and check out their posts and freebies!

Here is a list of all the participating Bloggers, as well as the freebies they have to Offer:

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Leah – Leah Lynch Blog

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Julia – Dogwoods & Dandelions

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Jennifer – The Everyday Farmhouse

Kelly – Simple Life Mom

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Lesa – Better Hens and Gardens

Better Hens and Gardens

Mary – Life is Just Ducky

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Janet – Timber Creek Farm

Relax & Enjoy Your Summer with the Living From Scratch Giveaway

Summer isn’t quite over yet, and it is still hot outside. It’s time to curl up in your favorite chair, grab a glass of refreshing cold lemonade or iced tea, and join us at the Living from Scratch Giveaway.

The participating bloggers have worked hard to provide you with tips, information, ideas and more to help you get started on your self-reliance journey. As you visit each one, be sure to drop them a note and let them know I sent you. They are waiting for you to stop by for a visit!

A Little Touch of Lagniappe

Here in the South we love finding opportunities to offer Lagniappe – or a ‘little bit of extra’. And I think this is a perfect opportunity!

While you are enjoying your break from the heat and reading all these great posts, may I offer you one more ‘excuse’ to drag your break time out a little longer? Just tell everyone this is your Afternoon Tea Time!

Afternoon Tea is simple way we can tell ourselves we are important. Who we are, what we do, our dreams, goals and desires all benefit from the quiet time we spend indulging in a small repast and taking the time to breathe.

The Enchantment of Afternoon Tea is designed to help us revisit those quiet times. It brings back a touch of grace to our world, and gives us permission to relax and enjoy the person we are.

In this e-book you will find:

  • The History of Afternoon Tea
  • Tea in Today’s World
  • The Tea Garden
  • Types of Tea
  • Hosting a Tea Party
  • How to Brew the Perfect Cup of Afternoon Tea
  • Delicious Recipes

Take advantage of this one time offer – grab your Enchantments of Afternoon Tea eBook for the super discount of 50% off. Just so you know, this offer is only good until September 30th – so grab your copy now!  Just type in the coupon code EnjoyingMyTea for only $4.00!

Ready to Start?

I hope you enjoy all the great posts in the Living from Scratch Giveaway! Be sure to stop by tomorrow for my first post Living from Scratch – Breathing Fresh Ideas into a Simple Life.