Take the Oh, No! Out of Last Minute Homemade Gift Ideas

Oh, No! Don’t you just hate it when you forget? You thought all your shopping and wrapping was done, and then you remember a neighbor or someone you really just wanted to do something nice for. That is when last minute homemade gift ideas come in very handy!

find last minute homemade gift ideas - time is running out!

Take the Oh, No! Out of Last Minute Homemade Gift Ideas

It isn’t the idea of giving a gift to someone, it is more what to give. There isn’t much time left to shop, and the Christmas budget was spent last week. You need something simple, low or no cost. Just a gift that says ‘I am thinking about you’.

With a little time and ingenuity, you can have a multitude of last minute homemade gift ideas to give. It may mean a trip to the Dollar Store to get a container, but other than that, most of these ideas will cost you from $0 to $5.00. And that is only if you want to get ‘extravagant’.

a filled cookie jar makes a great idea for last minute gifts

Last Minute Homemade Gift Ideas

Most of the last minute homemade gift ideas will come from your kitchen. These are also some of the best gifts to give, as they are delicious, homemade and easy to make. Few people really bake anymore, so having something homemade can be a real treat.

Here is a list of several things you can bake and give:

  • Nut breads – Banana, Strawberry, and Blueberry are all great choices
  • A Loaf of Fresh Baked Bread and a Jar of homemade jam or jelly
  • Bread Mix in a Jar
  • A Jar of Spiced or Sweet Pecans
  • A Cookie Jar filled with homemade cookies – Snickerdoodles are an excellent choice for this
  • Cookie Mix in Jar – be sure to add a couple of cookie cutters tied with string and attached to the rim of the jar
  • A Bottle of Homemade Vanilla Extract and a Cookie or Cake Recipe
  • Bake a Cake – Lemon Jell-O Cake has long since been my neighbor George’s favorite gift!
  • A bag of Homemade Peanut Brittle
  • A box of handmade Candy – Martha Washington’s are usually a holiday favorite

find last minute homemade gift ideas you don't have to bake

Want Last Minute Homemade Gift Ideas you Don’t Have to Bake?

These small simple items can easily be found at the Dollar Store. Or, if you have the time and supplies, you can easily make:

boxes, jars, bags and crates are great containers for last minute gifts

Containers for Gifts of Any Size

Containers for last minute gifts can be just about anything. If you are simply gifting a jar of your homemade jams, jellies, salsas or condiments, just tie festive ribbon around the rim. The addition of a pine cone, Christmas Ornament or jingle bells just add a special touch.

For spiced pecans or other nuts as last minute homemade gift ideas , consider canning jars or save the decorative jars that peaches or other foods come in. Be sure to paint the top so the brands don’t show through.

I like using the vintage canning jars. They add a touch of color to the gift. Match your ribbon to the jar, and add a scrap of fabric that has been glued to the flat. Place your ring on the jar, add ribbon and you have a great gift!

Baskets come in all shapes and sizes, and can be a great container for small gifts. Add holiday-oriented tissue paper as a filler, then nestle the gifts in the paper.

You can also use almost any sturdy cardboard box. Cut the opening flaps off. Cover it with tin foil, wrapping paper, or even brown paper and stamp the sides. Tie/glue a ribbon around the top edge, and add tissue paper as a filler.

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Need a Recipe for your Last Minute Gift?

trail mix is great for last minute gifts for Christmas

Trail Mix

Trail mix is the easiest thing in the world to do. And it can be customized to individual tastes.

Just mix your favorite ingredients together, place the trail mix in a bag, tie it up with ribbons and a jingle bell and you have perfect last minute gift ideas for several people!

Here are some delicious items you can use to make Trail Mix:

  • Banana Chips
  • Granola Cereal
  • Apple Chips
  • Mixed Nuts
  • Craisins/Raisins/Yogurt-covered Raisins
  • Candy – M&M’s, Skittles, etc.

You can also add other things such as coconut, chocolate chips, or anything else you think might work well.

last minute gifts don't have to be scary - create great gifts in no time!

Turn Your Oh, No! Into Oh, Yes!

Perfect! You now have several ideas for last minute gifts. Choose from delicious, sweet, or handmade. Any one of these gifts are sure to be welcome underneath everyone’s tree. And don’t forget – all of these make excellent stocking stuffers.

Oh, Yes! A two for one deal – gifts for the neighbors and stocking stuffers, too. It just doesn’t get any better than that!

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