Just How Far Would You Go?

How far would you go? I frequently see these photos on Facebook. There is a cabin in the woods. I am not sure if there is electricity, indoor plumbing or any other amenities. It looks warm, welcoming and has a porch with a gorgeous view. It also looks very remote.

The captions from the photos range from ‘would you live here for a year? No cell phones, no electric…’ to ‘Would you live here and give up watching football for one year’? Most of them tack on a $1 mil offering, as well.

How Far Would You Go?

I laugh at all those who answer a resounding ‘YES!’ And it does sound peaceful. But my question is, does it comes with food, fresh water and supplies? What about entertainment – books, games, etc.?

If the answers to all of those questions are ‘No!’, then I wonder just how many would actually agree to do it. I might, if I could bring my seeds, garden tools, a few chickens, a milk cow, and a few other supplies. And I would definitely have to bring the Country Boy. I mean, after all, my farm could definitely use that payday.

Then I stopped to think. How many folks would go to this extreme to get peace and quiet? Why would you say ‘yes’ to this cabin? Are you searching for a way to live a simple life, free of all outside distractions? Is life really so crazy, living remotely is an enticement?

I wondered how many of us would seriously consider this, if it was a real option. To find out, I created this short survey. Take a few minutes to think on each question.

I Will to Go This Far:

1. Give up everything and move to a cabin in the middle of nowhere. I’ll figure out the rest when I get there.
2. I would gladly move, but I want to bring my tools, supplies, seeds, livestock and other things I consider necessities.
3. Moving is all fine and good, but is there indoor plumbing? I don’t do outhouses!
4. I’ll stay where I am, because I already live like that. I have no desire to pack and move.
5. Moving isn’t an option, but my goals are to get as close to that lifestyle as I can.
6. Just getting a garden to grow is all I can handle. Thanks anyway!
7. Does it come with a butler, a maid and a caterer? If so, I’m in!

Did you choose an answer? Tell me which one you chose, and why. Share your answer in the Comment section below. If you already live in that cabin in the woods, please share with us how you make things work. If you think it is a perfect place to live, let us know why and what you would bring with you.

Make this fun and share this post with your friends! Let’s all see what the answers are – maybe we can learn something from each other. I am looking forward to reading all the different answers. Be sure you check back to see what everyone else is saying!

On Thursday I will be offering another survey and it takes this one a step further. It is for those who would still consider living a simple life. Be sure to stay tuned. The next survey is coming up!

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Julie Murphree is a blogger, newspaper columnist, and speaker on all things ‘Living a Simple Life on the Farm’. She is the author of \\\'The Farm Wife – Living a Simple Life on the Farm. She and her husband have 60 acres in NW Louisiana where they actively work on living as sustainable as possible.


  1. Spinning wheel, crochet hooks, books, the ability to get good and medications and I’d be there. But I already live in a rural town and I enjoy my teaching immensely. The only reason I’d do the year is for any money attached. My roofs are in great need of repair and I need a new method of heating this huge old farmhouse.

    1. Author

      The money would definitely be a bonus. If you live on any type or size homestead, there are always repairs, supplies, and the regular bills. And I agree. If I didn’t have my crafting supplies, I’m not sure if I would survive. A spinning wheel? I am so jealous! I am a weaver, and I want a wheel so badly! It’s not in the cards yet, but one day!

  2. 5. Love simplicity! But what really attracts me to those pictures is the quiet remoteness! Being in the woods or mountains with a view and breathing fresh air. Silence enough to hear the stars twinkle or the sunrise is my ultimate refreshment! However, I’m a people person, too and a whole year by myself would be a bit much!

    1. Author

      I agree, Joy. We live rurally, and our place is surrounded on three sides with woods, but we do have neighbors close. Fortunately, we have only two we can see. So I have the best of both worlds. Especially this time of year when I can take a walk, and enjoy nature and the sheer beauty!

  3. I choose #2! I wouldn’t mind moving (especially with a big payout!), but I have already built up a lot of “stuff” that I consider essential to take with me!

    1. Author

      As I thought about what I would do, I realized it would take two huge trucks to carry all I wanted. Although I dream of having draft horses and horse-drawn equipment, I still love my tractors and my baling equipment! And I want my cows, my chickens, my craft supplies, my…. yep. There is a lot of ‘stuff’ I have become too attached to!

  4. While we don’t quite live in a cabin in the woods, we do live in a small house on a dirt road with our closest neighbor a quarter mile away. I love it – listening to the birds, spending time with my horse, watching the sun set behind the ridge, gathering fresh eggs (as long as the snakes don’t get there first) and eating tomatoes from my little garden. Hubby, on the other hand, hates the dirt road part.

    1. Author

      That sounds like Paradise, Kathi! There is nothing better than the sounds of Nature, fresh veggies and fresh eggs. I understand about the dirt road part, but just consider it may be a good deterent for unwanted visitors. Now, if we can just do something about the snakes in our chicken coops, we might just have it made!

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