How to Sew a Button



One of the most basic skills a child should learn is how to handle a needle and thread.  The first lesson is simple – how to sew a button.  Sewing is a basic skill which will come in handy when they have clothes to repair, and for many other things!


Here’s How


Place your button in as close to the exact place where the other one was, or where the new one is needed. Be sure you line it up with the button hole!



Next – thread your needle, using approximately two to three feet of thread. Match up the two ends and tie a double knot.



Now. Holding the button firmly in place with one hand, guide the needle from the underside of the fabric, up through the fabric and into the bottom right hand hole of the button. Pull your thread all the way until the knot is flush with the fabric. Don’t pull too hard, or you will pull the thread and knot all the way out.



Still holding the button straight and tight, guide your needle through the top left hand hole of the button. Pull thread tight.

Now, from the underside, push your needle through the fabric and into the bottom left hand hole of the button.



Next, push your needle through the top right hole of the button, again pulling tight. Continue this pattern until you have secured the button with three or four rounds of sewing, finishing with the needle on the underneath side of the fabric.



Turn the fabric over, and run the needle carefully through the threads you have just sewn, being careful not to run it through the fabric. Pull until a small loop is left.



Run the needle through the loop and pull tightly. Do this twice.



Clip the thread. Flip the fabric over and smile! You have just successfully sewn on a button. Who knows? Next you might just be sewing all your own clothes!

Julie Murphree is a blogger, newspaper columnist, and speaker on all things ‘Living a Simple Life on the Farm’. She is the author of \\\'The Farm Wife – Living a Simple Life on the Farm. She and her husband have 60 acres in NW Louisiana where they actively work on living as sustainable as possible.

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