How to Keep the Sparkle in your New Year’s Goals

Keep the sparkle while embracing the progress and changes

How to Keep the Sparkle in Your New Year’s Goals is part of a Collaboration Post titled  “Embrace the Progress & Changes on the Homestead”.  Joining me are Kathi @ Oakhill Homestead, Shawna @ Homegrown Self Reliance and Annie @ 15 Acre Homestead.  We all know the challenges of making new plans, adapting to changes, and still be able to embrace it all.  So, sit back, see where we stand, and how we cope with all of the ‘newness’ of a New Year!

Embracing Progress & Change on the Homestead

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There is a certain element of sparkle when starting a new year. There are all kinds of dreams, goals, resolutions and possibilities. It glitters. See it glisten. Oh, yes. The new year is going to be one great adventure! All we have to do is pack our bags and take off.

But then the days begin to pass, life gets busy, and we begin to fall back into old habits. We get bored. That diet won’t hold up under the temptation of a piece of cake. Writing that next post doesn’t sound like as much fun as sitting on my couch and dreaming over seed catalogs. Whoops! Did I just confess to that????

Sparkle from the Shiny Object Syndrome

Shiny Object Syndrome

My friend Shawna, over at Homegrown Self Reliance, has a phrase for all that sparkle. She calls it the Shiny Object Syndrome. I had to laugh when I put it into an acronym: S.O.S. Yep. That perfectly describes it. In the past, and once a few weeks were under my belt, I usually began to scream for rescue from all those goals I thought were great ideas.

Not so much this year. Yes, I am still susceptible to S.O.S. But this time, I am putting my money where my mouth is, so to speak. With the help of an Accountability Partner and a Mastermind Group, I am better able to not only stay on track, but not add so many S.O.S.’s to my list that I cannot keep up.

Do your best to limit exposure to this Syndrome. It’s okay every once in a while, if you are exploring the options on your list of dreams. But make sure you stay focused on the Big Dream, as well.

Dreams that Sparkle

Dreams that Sparkle

The first things I did was take a walk. I thought about what I wanted – or thought I wanted – for my faith, my family, my farm and my website. I broke my list down into categories – my responsibilities, my passions and my curiosity. These were then further sorted into priorities. From there, I did a cost analysis of the top three things.

My Big Dream was to learn to live as simply as possible, which included homemaking and homesteading. This is the dream that makes my heart sparkle! I shared with you my research on what that means, how to blend it and how to make the shift to a simple life. It was tough, but yes, I also did a budget. And I figured out how I could make time for myself outside of those priorities.

There is a certain element of sparkle when starting a new year. There are all kinds of dreams, goals, resolutions and possibilities. It glitters. See it glisten. Oh, yes. The new year is going to be one great adventure! All we have to do is pack our bags and take off. Right? Learn how to keep the Sparkle in your New Year's Plans!

Posts & Homestead Sparkles!

For the website, I have some fun things planned.  Upcoming posts will follow monthly themes, such as homemaking, gardening, frugal living and others.  I have plans to join a Spring Gardening Collaboration in March, and am looking into a Homesteading Bundle for that month as well.  Other projects in the works are two more books, fun Opt-ins and freebies for my readers, as well as a few exclusives for my newsletter subscribers.

On the homestead, I have a new herb garden starting to shape up. My seed order is ready to be placed, and reskinning the greenhouse is on the schedule. This week I will be working on cleaning out the weaning side of the barn, preparing it for Bossy and her soon-to-arrive calf. I also have the milk pails ready to go, and jars set aside to sterilize to hold all that milk. An inventory has been done, and I know what cheese supplies I have and which ones need to be ordered.

The time I have set aside for myself is doing a bit of weaving, so my loom is in warping process. (Actually, I am cheating a bit on this. I am simply tying on a new project to one that is already on the loom and finished. Same draft, just different color thread.)

Keep the Sparkle with Pink Boots and an Umbrella

Contentment with my Progress

Today, as I write this post, I find I am content with my choices.  I have my planner in order, and have gotten organized. Have I fulfilled everything yet? No. But I still have 49 more weeks to reach those goals. I have faith. I have courage. And I have ‘dared’ myself to follow through. I have my rubber boots and my umbrella, so I can handle any storm – and still keep the Sparkle!

Allow your dreams to sparkle brightly, and find ways to make them come true. Just know that the Big Dreams take time and focus. Don’t get in a hurry – spread them out over the course of the year.

Find an Accountability Partner

If you still feel you aren’t strong enough to follow through with your goals, try finding an accountability partner. This is someone you share your goals with, and they in turn help you to follow through. Their responsibility is also to keep you from having a bad case of S.O.S.

For my website, I have three Accountability Partners. One is Annie, who manages two websites – 15 Acre Homestead and Annie Lewellyn.  She and I meet a couple of times a week through TEAMS, the Microsoft version of online meetings. We help each other with our writing, research into blogging tools, and brainstorming.

Through the Mastermind group, Annie and I meet with Shawna (my S.O.S. friend), and Kathi at Oakhill Homestead. The three of us work on setting Quarterly goals, overcoming obstacles, learning new approaches for blogging, and assist each other with homesteading and homemaking tips.

It is because I have created a list of 2020 goals that were manageable, and due to three great women, that I know I can balance a website, a farm, a home, a family and my faith. I know without a doubt these three women have my back, and are standing by ready to support, encourage, and get tough in holding my feet to the fire when necessary. (And if Kathi has anything to do about it, I won’t get away with any whining, either.)

Pull up a Rocker and Let's Visit!

Let’s Keep the Sparkle and Visit!

Tell me how well you are doing so far. Do your goals still sparkle?  Or are they beginning to fizzle out? Stop by for a visit and fill me in. Did you Dare to Dream? Have you determined if Homemaking, Homesteading and a Simple Life are something you want to work on in 2020? Did you Make the Shift? Please let me know how you are progressing. And if you need support and encouragement, I have plenty left over to offer!

Embracing Progress & Change on the Homestead

Are you curious to know how my Partners are holding up with their goals? Drop by their sites for a visit. They love to chat with readers about what is going on with their homestead, and are just as eager to offer support and encouragement to help you reach your goals!

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Julie Murphree is a blogger, newspaper columnist, and speaker on all things ‘Living a Simple Life on the Farm’. She is the author of \\\'The Farm Wife – Living a Simple Life on the Farm. She and her husband have 60 acres in NW Louisiana where they actively work on living as sustainable as possible.


  1. It really helps to have someone to hold you to your plan and encourage you along the way. And absolutely no whining allowed!

    1. Author

      It really does, Kathi. And I am blessed to have you three keep me in line – ESPECIALLY when I really just want to whine!!! 🙂

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