Income & Expense spreadsheet for Homesteaders & Small farmers

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Easily track your income by month and category


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Know exactly where your money is being spent


With just one glance, see which areas of your farm are productive


This Income & Expense Spreadsheet makes it easy to track your finances. It keeps the accounting portion of farming simple, and less of a headache. Knowing exactly how much money is coming in, and where it is going is a stress reliever.

A handy chart is also attached. With it, you can see at a glance which areas are doing well, and which ones may need closer consideration. It helps in making decisions on what to keep and what to cut.

This Income & Expense Spreadsheet is customizable for your own farm. You can easily add, delete or change any of the sections to personalize it for your needs. And if you need help with the set up, I am just an email away!

Take the stress and worry of dealing with the finances out of your farm. Discover the benefits of having all your accounting chores done in an hour or less a week with this Income & Expense Spreadsheet for Homesteaders and Small Farms!

PLEASE NOTE! – This is an Excel Spreadsheet. It is recommended you have at least a basic knowledge of Excel, including formulas.


“Accounting may not be a four letter word, but it should be! For me, keeping track of income and expenses on my homestead is a real chore. I do, however understand the need to keep track of these things and the importance of it, so anything that makes the task easier for me is welcome! Julie from shared her Farm Income and Expense sheet with me and I found it most useful! It helps me keep track of those elusive numbers, and helps me get an overview of our homestead finances in one place!

I can recommend that you give this great tool a try to help you manage your budget for your farm or homestead.”

Frank Pearmain

My Green Terra


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