Use a Home Budget Worksheet and Take the Stress Out of Your Finances

Gaining control over your finances can sometimes become overwhelming. You know you need a Home Budget Worksheet to help you keep track, but how do you even create a budget in the first place?

The answer is right here, ready to be downloaded and adaptable to you in the Home Budget Worksheet! This is an Excel worksheet that is easy to use, can be edited to fit your needs, and offers an At a Glance Pie Chart – all right at your fingertips!

Why Have a Home Budget Worksheet?   

Budgets are something we all know we need to have. But actually drawing one up and maintaining it on a monthly basis can be a nightmare for those who hate numbers. We would rather live in financial LaLa Land instead of having them staring us in the face.

But working without a budget can be detrimental to our financial health. We usually have a rough idea of how much our income is each month. But do you know how much goes out? Do you know what for?

Having a budget gives you control over your finances. You will know where your money is coming from and where it is going. It helps you to quickly find ways to decrease your spending, and ways you can save more for your future. It can also lower your stress level due to financial worries.

How the Home Budget Worksheet Works

Usually the most difficult thing about a budget is setting it up in the first place. With the Home Budget Worksheet, all of the hard work is done for you. It is set up using the money management system in the Simple Life Dollars & ‘Sense’ eBook, using these categories:

  • Income
  • Priority One Expenses
  • Priority Two Expenses
  • Secondary One Expenses
  • Secondary Two Expenses

Each category is broken down further with most of the basic ways you spend your money – mortgage/rent, utilities, insurance, child care, and so much more.

Home Budget Worksheet

Finances ‘At a Glance’

One benefit of the Home Budget Worksheet is it comes with instructions on how to edit it to your personal needs, and an ‘At a Glance’ Pie Chart. Once you have your income and expenses in place, calculation formulas automatically transfer the yearly totals into a Calculation Chart. 

The Pie Chart shows you the percentage of Income that each category uses. This comes in extremely handy when you are looking for ways to cut your expenses!

Easy Home Income and Expense Worksheet

Get even More Help with your Finances!

Although you can manage your finances easier with the Home Budget Worksheet, there is another tool that works hand-in-hand to help you gain even better control of your money. It is called the Home Income and Expense Worksheet.

Where your budget is an estimate of what you expect to spend each month, the Home Income and Expense Worksheet breaks down each category into even greater detail. And at the end of the year, make it easier to create a new budget by simply transferring the amounts into a newly saved Home Budget Worksheet.

Take the Worry and Stress out of your Finances

By using the Home Budget Worksheet, you can quickly and easily see where you stand financially each month. There will be no more questions of how much is coming in, what is going out, and whether or not you can afford home repairs or a fun vacation!

Ready to gain control of your finances? Get your Home Budget Worksheet now!

You can also take your Financial Goals even one step further with Simple Life Dollars and Sense eBook and the Home Income and Expense Worksheet that is already designed and ready to be filled in!

simple life dollars and sense ebook

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