Herb Gardening


When I decided to start an herb garden, I wanted a book that took me from A to Z.


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Herb Gardening – by:  Melissa Snyder


Melissa did just that in this book. She begins by explaining the difference between an herb and a plant, then follows through with some history and a brief Botany lesson.

There are sections on design, types of gardens, selecting a site, how to plant, care for and then harvest and use your herbs. I like how she keeps things simple, yet fully explains each step in building an herb garden. This is one of those books that will go with me to the garden so I can reference it as I go.

In the section Seeds vs. Plants, she helps you to understand which would be best for different herbs.  I want to add lemon grass to my garden, and thanks to this book, I now know I have to purchase the plant.  But I am free and clear on all those basil variety seeds I have!

There is no doubt in my mind that by using this book on  Herb Gardening, I can finally grow my own herbs.  I can easily figure out what to plant, when to plant and just exactly how I can use them in recipes.


Start Your Own Herb Garden


If you think you would like to start an herb garden but aren’t certain how to do it, this is the book for you.  No more worries or concerns.  You can just start digging in the dirt and get started.  And if you are a seasoned pro at growing an herb garden, you can still add to your knowledge with this great book!


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