Handmade Christmas – # 3

Handmade Christmas Idea # 3

Handmade Christmas # 3: My friend, Alona, took on the task of teaching me how to improve my knitting skills. At that point, I could knit. I could perl. But I couldn’t move farther than that.

I wanted to learn how to increase and decrease, but just couldn’t get my fingers to work. So Alona bravely invited me over for a knitting lesson. “The easiest way to learn,” she said, “is to make dishcloths.”

Apparently I was way behind times, because although I had never seen a knitted dishcloth, much less used one, they have been around for ages.

Handmade Christmas Gifts - Knitted Dish cloths

Multi-Tasking at it’s Best!

Over the course of the next couple of hours, Alona and I sat and visited while we knitted. By the time I left, I had not only completed my first dishcloth, I also understood how to increase and decrease.

I cannot even tell you how many of these things I have made. But one thing is for sure, I now no longer buy dishcloths – I make them. They do wonders in cleaning the kitchen, washing dishes and even wiping down cabinets. They have enough texture to scrub, but don’t scratch.

Tips for the Handmade Christmas #3 Idea:

The ideal yarn to use for your Handmade Christmas # 3 idea is called Sugar and Cream, and is made of cotton. It comes in a wide variety of solid and variegated colors – enough to match almost any kitchen. The smaller skeins are enough to make one dishcloth, the larger skein two.

Lorea noticed that we had quite a bit of leftover yarn, so she got creative. She took the leftovers and made a draining mat to set beside the sink. I have to say, it is probably one of my most favorite gifts of all times, and except for when it’s in the laundry, it stays right there, always ready to be put to use.

A tip for your Handmade Christmas Idea # 3 gift giving:

Make a set of dishcloths – one in a solid and one in variegated colors. Use the leftover yarn to make a drying cloth. Roll all three together and tie with a coordinated ribbon and use as a stocking stuffer. If your recipient spends any time at all in the kitchen, he or she is going to love getting this as a gift!

If you don’t know how to knit and want to learn, try this book from Amazon: Knitting Basics:  Beginners Guide

Keep in mind. If you have someone on your gift list that wants to learn to knit, accompany this book with a couple skeins of yarn, some knitting needles and wrap them all up together. Then you can spend time with them teaching them what you have learned, and you can work with each other to learn even more.

Ready to start making your dishcloths and draining mats? Just click the links for instructions!

As you finish a project, be sure to send me a photo at julie@thefarmwife.com. I will post it to my website so everyone can enjoy! Be sure to include your name so you can get full credit for your creativity!!!

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  1. I love those dishrags, and have made, 1/2 made several!! Easy and you are done, so for people like me not so much repeat repeat repeat !!

    1. Author

      Me too, Kim! They are perfect for working on in the car, in a doctor’s office and just sitting on the couch relaxing. The best part is, they work so well!

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