Handmade Christmas #2


Handmade Christmas Idea #2

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Handmade Christmas Idea #2 is easier than you think. I learned to knit and crochet just so I would have something to do with my down time each evening.

The Country Boy has several of his favorite gun and hunting shows that he likes to watch on television. Since I don’t much care for them, but still want to stay close to visit, I needed something to do with my hands. Knitting and crochet fit the bill perfectly.

The best part about it is that I quickly figured out I love to do it.  One of the first things I made was a simple hat and scarf set for a child. I used just a straight knit stitch for the scarf, but for more accomplished knitters, your design is limited only by your imagination and skill level.

Handmade Christmas crocheted hats

My friend, Kathleen, showed us how to crochet hats during a Farm Women Exchange meeting a couple of years ago. They were so easy to make, I made one to match the scarf, and then made several for me to wear while doing outside farm chores.

Quick and Easy Handmade Christmas Gift!

The best thing about these sets is that they are quick and easy to make. They would also be great to add to Christmas gifts you may offer to families in need.

A shorter skinnier scarf can be made for the children, and longer, wider scarves can be made for the adults.

Most families in need during this season are trying diligently to focus on keeping the heat on, and struggle to figure out how to afford Christmas gifts for their family. Try making a few sets for a family you know may need a little extra help from ‘Santa Claus’ this year.

crochet hats for men

Don’t forget the men, either. A chunkier wool makes a great masculine scarf. And for the hunter, try a camouflage colorway for a scarf and blaze orange for a hat.

For the Children

For a child’s size hat and scarf, you will need two skeins of yarn. Your knitting needles or crochet hook will need to be appropriate for the size and weight of your yarn.

However, I am known to get a bit larger needle or hook to make a lacier, lighter scarf. Here in the South, it rarely gets below freezing for any length of time, so a lighter scarf will work well, without being too hot.

Hats and scarves are just the beginning.  If you are an experienced in knitting or crochet then your gift ideas are limitless.  Try some gloves, a sweater, or even a throw made out of some of the super bulky yarn.  Just get your ‘hooks’ into a project and let your imagination fly!

Don’t know how to knit or crochet? It is simple to learn. You can either find a friend or family member that can teach you, or get a beginner’s book that will help. Here are a couple of suggestions (both of them are also offered as Kindle books):

Knitting Basics for Beginners

The Art of Crochet for Beginners

Molly Makes Crochet

Ready to start making your scarves and hats? Step-by-step instructions are available HERE!

As you finish a project, be sure to send me a photo at julie@thefarmwife.com. I will post it to my website so everyone can enjoy. Be sure to include your name so you can get full credit for your creativity!!!

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