28 Handcrafts to Make for Christmas- Get Creative Now!

It sounds good on paper to create handmade gifts. But when it gets right down to it, what should you be making? There is actually a long list of handcrafts to make for Christmas. To get started, you just need a little information.

How to Get Started

a notebook opened to Gift Ideas, a pad of paper and pen

Before you grab your supplies, the first thing you need to do is to determine who you are creating for. That means making a list of each person you give a gift or gifts to.

For some folks, that means just immediate family members. Others want to do something special for a few friends. And you may also have a list of neighbors, teachers, pastors, or others you enjoy giving a ‘little something’.

pot scrubbers crocheted in red and turquoise; one pot scrubber made with multi-color yarn as handcrafts to make for Christmas

On occasion, we are invited to a gift swap. This can be a ‘Dirty Santa’, an ornament exchange, or other similar type party. For these, we usually need something small.

When you make your list, segment it by categories. This not only will help you with your time, but also with your budget. We customarily will give more to a child or family member. We look at Dirty Santa gifts and ornaments as something quick and simple.

How to Decide What to Make

gift tag made from a quilt scrap and embroidered with 'Rose'

Now that we have our lists ready, start with the first name on your list. Think about the person – their likes, hobbies, and interests. Consider what their favorite color is, the foods they like, and how they spend their time.

You also need to decide if you want to make them one single large gift, such as a quilt, or create several small items. For instance, if you are good at sewing, you may want to make a Psalm 91 throw for a young child. Then, using the same fabric as in the blanket, create a few dresses for the same child’s doll.

Once you determine the personalities of the person you are creating for, then start jotting down ideas of the handcrafts to make.

What to Create

octagonal, triangle, square pin looms; brown and green fuzzy yarn, scissors

Even if you have a list, it is sometimes difficult to come up with ideas. The remainder of this post is designed to help you think of some fun handcrafts to make for Christmas. Most are links to other posts with directions on how to make them.

Each category shows the skill you need to have beside it. A couple of them have no specific skill, but are still simple to create.

Some of the small items can be used for many purposes – Dirty Santa, Gift Tags, Stocking Stuffers, items for a gift basket, and more. These will have an ‘O’ beside them!

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Handcrafts to Make for Christmas

Sewing / Embroidery

Psalm 91 Throw (Sewing)

Hand Embellished Bath Towels (Sewing)

Handmade Throw Pillow (Sewing / Embroidery)

Cloth Napkins (Sewing / Embroidery)

small drawstring sewing kit made with yellow fabric, filled with sewing supplies

Sewing Kits – ‘O’

Dish Towels (Embroidery)

Rice Bags (Sewing / Embroidery) – ‘O’

Crochet /Knitting

crochet coaster in medium green, yellow, and multi-colored fabric

Hats (Crochet)

Scarves (Knitting) *Note: There isn’t a post on making knitted scarves. To knit one, just cast on as many stitches as you need for the width, then use any stitches you choose until you get it the length you want!)

Coasters (Crochet) – ‘O’

Dish Cloths (Knitting) – ‘O’

Dish Draining Mat (Crochet) – ‘O’

Pot Scrubbers (Crochet) – ‘O’

Other Handcraft Medium

barn quilt in crown of thorns pattern done in medium red, yellow, blue, green and white

Barn Quilt (Painting)

The Simplicity of Soap

Seed Tray (Woodwork)

Garden Trellis (Woodwork)

Garden Row Markers (Woodwork)

Seed Packets (Paper)


bowl of trail mix, a Christmas bag filled with trail mix

Wooden Spoon Butter

Cookie Trays

Gift Baskets (See this post on Gift Basket Ideas!)

The ‘Extra’ Handcrafts to Make for Christmas

handwoven cording around a package wrapped in plain brown paper; two shiny Christmas ornaments

There are many handcrafts you can make for Christmas that wouldn’t be considered a gift – although they would still be great gift ideas. These come in the form of kits (to use as gifts), gift tags, and even cording to use to wrap up your gift!

Quilted Gift Tags (Sewing / Embroidery)

Weaving on a Bracelet Loom (Weaving)

Christmas Garland (Knitting/Crochet)

Craft Kit (Assembly – Gift)

Handwoven Gift Cards (Paper)

Place Cards (Paper)

Christmas Spirit in a Jar (Paper)

Handcrafts to Make for Christmas – Start Creating Now!

light green bath towels with a yellow daisy trim

These are just a few ideas which will get you moving in the right direction. If you still need time to think, start with a small project, such as the pot scrubbers. These don’t take long at all to make and can be used as a stocking stuffer or addition to a gift basket.

The more you create, your mind just may lead you to other ideas. You may even start to think of ways to personalize your gifts a bit more.

Click the Image to Start your Holiday Budget!

But don’t let creating handmade gifts scare you. Handmade gifts can be economical, and often becomes one of the most cherished items a person owns.

Are you ready to get creative? Then take this list of handcrafts to make for Christmas and get started!

Julie Murphree is a blogger, newspaper columnist, and speaker on all things ‘Living a Simple Life on the Farm’. She is the author of \\\'The Farm Wife – Living a Simple Life on the Farm. She and her husband have 60 acres in NW Louisiana where they actively work on living as sustainable as possible.

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