God from A to Z

With God from A to Z, Robin House has created one of the best faith-based books for children I have seen. In God from A to Z, Robin not only offers easy to read pages, she goes a step further. Explaining God to young children can be difficult. Before reading this book, she offers a How to Use this Book chart that is broken down into Activities and age groups from Birth to 6 months, all the way to 10 years to Adult. Each page focuses on a letter of the alphabet, has a corresponding Bible verse, an interaction question, and more scriptures for reinforcement.

God from A to Z

A Mom’s Opinion on God From A to Z

According to my daughter, who has young children, her favorite aspect is the repetition. “It [God from A to Z] is easy for my 6-year old to read, and each page repeats the same format. It helps to not only deepen her knowledge of God, but it helps to improve her reading skills and keeps her interested in the book.”

Since this is an honest review, I will add that God from A to Z may be a little more expensive than a normal children’s book, but there are 64 pages, where normal children’s books have approximately 32 (or less). It also offers so much more. As Robin describes it,

“With key statements, metered rhyme, memory verses, discussion questions and topical studies for each letter of the alphabet, God from A to Z provides an easy-to-remember, logical and fun format with which to learn the many key attributes of God.”

Both parents and children alike will love reading this full-colored book and interacting with each other and the illustrations.

Music for your Soul

To make this book even better, Robin enlisted the help of Jennifer McMullen, one of the best singer and songwriters I have heard. Jennifer offers ‘an A Cappella Complement’ of well-known gospel songs that corresponds with the book. From How Great Thou Art and He Leadeth Me, to Awesome God and The Lord’s My Shepherd, Jennifer has created a beautiful complement of music to this book.

I love this book, and know I will enjoy reading it to my grandchildren for many years to come. It is also one of the books I will happily pass down to their children one day. It is definitely on my recommended reading list!

For more information, to hear pieces of Jennifer’s songs, and to purchase the book and CD, visit Robin at: https://www.godfromatoz.com/

For more information on Jennifer McMullen Music, visit her on Facebook at Jennifer McMullen Music.

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