Wrap it Up! 4 Simple & Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

Now that you have started your Christmas shopping, it is time to start thinking about gift wrapping.

We can always purchase gift bags, tissue, wrapping paper and ribbons.  I do admit this is quicker and easier than anything else. But if you want a truly unique and special look to your packages, consider making your own gift wrapping!

Your Unique Touch to Gift Wrapping

There are several ways you can add a unique touch to your gift wrapping.  If you are wrapping clothing or items that need to be in a box, consider adding your unique ‘stamp’. 

You can also decorate plain brown or white bags, make drawstring bags, or use handmade stockings as not only the gift wrapping, but also filled with other gifts!

stamped wrapping paper with colorful ribbon bows

Gift Wrapping with Stamped Paper

What I like best about this is the paper and stamping can be used for any occasion.  Just purchase a large roll of paper.  Then as you need them, collect stamps for birthdays, showers or anniversaries.

You now have everything you will need to wrap a gift, and not have to purchase more for each individual celebration!


  • Brown or White Craft Paper
  • Seasonal Stamps (just so you know – there are so many great stamps you can use for this project, I have linked to a ‘general’ page for you to be able to choose your favorite(s)!)
  • Ink Pads (keep in mind – for larger stamps, you may need larger ink pads)

Roll off enough paper to wrap your gift.  Turn in right side up and start stamping.  Once you are finished, wrap the gift and adorn with jute, raffia or coordinating ribbons.

For an extra touch, add jingle bells or a handmade Christmas Ornament to the ribbon.

drawstring bag with a snowman and Christmas tree design

Gift Wrapping is ‘In the Bag’

Drawstring bags are not only fun, but can also be used for storage, or for next year’s gifts.  Or – these can be considered a ‘special’ gift.  Each year, the recipient must use it for gift wrapping for another recipient.  This keeps the bag within the family, and can become a fun gift tradition. 

Although these do take a little more time, you can easily make several of them in a day.  To learn how to make drawstring bags, read How to Make Purse-size Sewing Kits for the basic instructions.  All you have to do from there is determine the size you need for each specific gift, and start creating!


  • Flannel, felt or a fun fabric for the bag
  • Matching Thread
  • Cording or Yarn for the Drawstring
  • Felt scraps for the designs
  • Fabric Paint (optional – this works great for the stick arms for snowmen)
  • Fabric Glue


Measure the size of each gift from side to side and top to bottom.  Add at least 10” to the side measurements, and 12” for the top to bottom measurements.  This allows plenty of room to create the drawstring channel at the top and for the gift to fit comfortably.

Once you have created your bags, then determine the design you want to add. Using a template or drawing them freehand, cut out the pieces for each one. The blessing to drawstring bags used as gift wrapping is they can be as simple or ornate as you want!

Some designs you can make are:

  • Snowmen
  • Santa Claus
  • Toy Soldiers
  • Angels
  • Gifts
  • Christmas Trees

Glue the pieces in place, and allow the glue to dry completely.  Add the cording to the drawstring channel, and you are ready for gift wrapping!

Note:  If you are using fabric with a holiday or other design, you can easily skip adding the felt decorations.  Just add a couple of jingle bells or other ornament when you tie the bag closed!

a brown paper bag painted with a snowman for gift wrapping

The Plain Brown (or White) Bag

A plain brown or white bag with handles can be the perfect canvas for any gift wrapping you want to do. Simply draw your pattern on the bag, and paint.  This is a great idea for gift wrapping projects to do with kids!


Once you have your bags ready, consider adding an extra touch by tying it closed with several different color ribbons and adding jingle bells or a Christmas ornament.

If kids are making the bags, add a name and date on the bottom.  These bags will probably be saved and cherished, so knowing who did them and when is an added bonus!

an angel and a snowman Christmas stocking

Using Stockings a Gift Wrapping

Stockings can be created using fabric, flannel, felt or even old quilts that are used for crafting.  There are also some embroidery, counted cross-stitch and needlepoint kits that are beautiful keepsakes you can make.

Simply cut, sew, and add any trim or decorations you choose.  From there, you can wrap smaller gifts with stamped paper or tiny drawstring bags. Fill the stocking with the wrapped gifts and any other treats you might like to include.

If you are adding a felt design to your stocking, consider adding sequins to some of the items to make it sparkle.  I used them on the hat band for the Snowman stocking I made for the Country Boy the first year we were married.

assorted handmade Christmas gift wrapping ideas

It’s a Wrap! (Well, the Gift Wrapping Portion, anyway!)

I love making handmade gift wrapping.  It is so easy to fit the bag or paper to the recipient.  I can also make my gift wrapping to coordinate with any decorating theme I have. This way, the packages around the tree are fun, and everything looks good together!

Make this a special Christmas for everyone.  Create your own gift wrapping and watch as eyes light up.  Even the adults will be sneaking peeks at the tags to see which one was especially made just for them!

have a merry, simple Christmas ebook banner

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  1. Super cute ideas! I love using craft paper, it lets the tag and the topper shine! thank you for sharing at Embracing Home and Family!

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