60 + Simple Life Gift Ideas for One Stop Shopping

Coming up with great gift ideas is probably one of the most difficult things to do at Christmas.  We struggle with the perfect gift for each person.  We want something ‘different’, and maybe ‘unusual’ – instead of the same old gifts every year.

And then we groan at the idea of getting out in traffic and crowds, going from shop to shop trying to find that ‘one thing’.

Let me help you out with that.  This Gift Idea list is designed for those who are on a journey to live a more simple life through homemaking, gardening, and crafting. Some items may be familiar, but others may just be your ‘thinking outside the box’ ticket for great, but different gifts!

a computer keyboard with a christmas shopping button

Shopping online can be one of the best ways to go, especially this year. With the pandemic still going on, we may be more reluctant to get out amongst a crowd of people.

In many cases, items online cannot be found in shops near you.  Some of these online shops are smaller businesses that are family owned, independent craftsmen, or not linked to a larger chain.

This is a great way you can help small businesses thrive, and recoup some of the losses from shutdowns during the 2020 crisis.

Just so you know: This post contains affiliate links; if you click on a link and make a purchase I might make a small commission, but it does not affect the price you pay!

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How to Use the Simple Gift List

To make it easier to come up with some great gift ideas, I have created lists in categories.  To help you stay within budget, the categories have been further broken down in to price ranges.

‘Small’ gift ideas would be under $25.  A medium gift has a price range of $26 to $100, and the large gift ideas will cost you $101 and upwards. 

(With one or two exceptions, I am going to leave the super expensive gift ideas up to you.  If the price is that high, you already know what it is, where to find it, and have already done the comparison shopping you need to get the best deal.

However, if you still want to purchase it online, consider clicking on any item from that website and search for the item you want.  I will still get a small commission just by doing your shopping through these affiliate sites!)

gifts wrapped in cream paper with green ribbon

A Note on Affiliate Links in the Gift Ideas List

For the most part, the affiliates in this list are:



Eden Brothers

Mary’s Heirloom Seeds

New England Cheesemaking Supply Company

Long Thread Media

These are all websites that are either familiar, or have quality gift ideas that I highly recommend.  Lehmans also has a selection of Amish-made gifts.  Choosing one of these helps the Amish families – but are also made to last!

There are other links that are not affiliate links, such as items from Etsy and individual websites.  However, these are artisans who take pride in their work, and create well-made items.  By shopping with Etsy and independent websites, you are helping small businesses survive!

If the gift ideas has a * beside it, it means I have one, and love it.  If it does not have a * beside it, I have spoken with folks who do and got their recommendations!

have a merry, simple Christmas ebook cover

A Final Note:

To keep track of all your gift ideas, there are printable lists in my new e-book Have a Merry, Simple Christmas – it is filled with great tips on getting organized for Christmas, DIY directions, Recipes, printables and so much more! Get your copy now!!!

Here is the Simple Gift List!

rolling pin, cupcake papers, and kitchen items

For the Kitchen:


*Dough Whisk (This one comes with a Lame – used to score the top of a loaf of bread)


*Couche (A linen towel for proofing bread)

Ulu Knife & Cutting Board Set (this is one of my must-have items in my kitchen! Any cook who dices and chops will love getting this as a gift!)



Dehydrator – To begin with, ours was mainly used by the Country Boy during hunting season.  He made homemade jerky by the pounds.  Then I found a recipe I wanted to try that called for dehydrated Principe Borghese Tomatoes.  Once I got started dehydrating, it was like the world opened up.  Now I use it frequently – especially when I am making spice mixes.


*Juicer – my friend Vicki bought me one as a gift one year.  She had one, and loved it so much, she just had to ‘share’.  Now?  I am not sure what I would do without one.  When it comes to making juice for jellies or canning, this juicer makes my life so much easier.  No peeling, no coring.  Just wash, steam and watch that juice flow. It’s one of my favorite gift ideas because there is also minimal clean up!

*Kitchen-Aid Mixer – I know the gift rule about ‘No Appliances’. But this mixer is probably one of the few exceptions to the rule.  I use mine not only for baking, but also for making butter.  Most cooks would do back flips to have one of these!

*Vacuum Sealer – if the person on your list does any kind of gardening, hunting, make ahead meals or even buys in bulk, this little gadget comes in very handy.  In spite of the ‘rule’, I asked the Country Boy for one for Christmas years ago.  It made him nervous, but now he (and I) are so glad he did.  We finally had to replace it after 20 years, but that just means they are more than worth the price!

cheese knife, cheescloth, cookbooks and other cheesemaking supplies

For the Cheese Maker

Making cheese isn’t reserved for just those who have dairy animals. Some cheeses and dairy products can be made with milk purchased at the grocery store – provided it is not homogenized!

If you have someone on your gift list who wants to learn, or is well-versed in the crafts, you can find some great gift ideas here!

Beginner’s Cheese Making Kit

Mozzarella & Ricotta Kit

Yogurt Making Kit

*Other Cheese Making Supplies

gloved hands planting yellow and red ansies

For the Gardener

Gardeners really love a gift that can help them ‘get down and dirty’.  From gloves to seeds, hods to hoes, most gardeners love anything that can help them grow the best gardens ever.

If you would like to get an assortment of small items, consider getting them a gift basket that will hold several items (gift ideas for a Gardening basket are listed below in the Gift Basket list).  But here are a few larger things your special gardener might like:


Rain Gauge – No gardener wants to be without one of these! 

Pot Maker – this will help every gardener get their seeds ready before it is time to plant! (It is also a perfect addition to add to a Gardening Gift Basket!)


Garden Hod This is a great basket for gardeners. They can toss the weeds in it to easily carry to the compost bin, or use it when harvesting their bounty!

Easy Table Garden – this is perfect for new gardeners, small spaces or folks who have difficulty kneeling!

*Compost Keeper – perfect to collect kitchen scraps – and makes it easier to take to the compost pile.


Balcony Garden – this is a larger version of the Easy Table Garden that will allow your gardener to grow even more!

embroidered dishcloths make great gift ideas

For the Crafter

There are so many gift ideas for someone who loves to make things by hand.  From supplies to equipment, most crafters love receiving gifts that are art inspired. 

For this gift, I am listing items that are ‘out-of-the-ordinary’. Some crafters just can’t wait to learn a new way of creating with their hands.  Others love receiving magazine subscriptions in their mailbox to fuel their creative ideas.  If you have a crafter on your gift list, consider a few of these ideas:

pin loom, yarn, and a pin loom book


(Note:  most of these fit into the Medium and Large Price Range – but well worth the price for someone who is wanting to learn how to weave!)

*Pin Loom

                *Pin Looms (Book)

                *Little Looms – Magazine – Holiday Edition

                *Little Looms  – Magazine –

Beka Loom

Rigid Heddle Loom

*Backstrap Loom – This is only one of the band looms (backstrap) that is created by Harvest Looms.  Although I do not have this one, I have ordered several others from her, and they are beautiful, sturdy and well-crafted!


*Drop Spindle


Magazine Subscriptions:


                Piecework – A magazine for those who love to knit, crochet, tat and embroider!

a bloggers desk - shop blogs for great gift ideas

Blogs –

There are bloggers who have some wonderful products in their shops. Don’t miss out on giving some great gifts this way. 

If it is a downloadable product, be sure to contact the blogger on how to offer this item as a gift. Keep in mind that downloads are protected by licensing laws!

By purchasing gifts from bloggers, you are helping to support small businesses. And believe me, those bloggers are more than appreciative for your support!

have a merry, simple Christmas ebook banner


Tee Shirts – Homegrown Self Reliance (Everyone loves fun Tee Shirts!)

Handmade Soap – Salty Soap Company (perfect as stocking stuffers or in a Spa Basket!)

Hand-Crafted Granola & Baking Mixes – KW Ranch & Kitchen (These will be perfect to add to any gift baskets)


The Farm Wife: Living a Simple Life on the Farm – Julie A. Murphree (read the first chapter for free!)

The Search for a Simple Life – Julie A. Murphree (read the first chapter for free!)

*The Beginner’s Guide to Backyard Homesteading – Lisa Lombardo

*Artisan Bread Everyday – Peter Reinhart

*Crust and Crumb: Master Formulas for Serious Bread Bakers – Peter Reinhart

*Beekeeping for Beginners – Amber Bradshaw

Simple Farmhouse Life – Lisa Bass

gift baskets with kitchen items make great gift ideas

Gift Baskets

These gift ideas can fit into all three price categories.  Usually, the most expensive is the container itself – if you plan on using something other than a traditional basket.

For the Bread Baker:

Basket:Mixing Bowl or a Banneton

In the Basket:

*Dough Whisk

Dough Scraper

*Couche – (Linen Bread Towel for proofing)


Sourdough Starter Jar


For the Baker:

Basket:  Mixing Bowl

In the Basket:

Biscuit Cutters


*Vanilla Beans (for homemade vanilla)

*Cookie Scoop

Pie Weights

For the Gardener:

Basket: Maine Garden Hod

In the Basket:

                Vegetable Seeds (Choose 3 to 10 assorted vegetable seeds)

                Flower Seeds (Choose 3 to 10 assorted flower seeds)

                Herb Seeds (Choose 3 to 10 assorted herb seeds)

                Seed Combination Packs

                Garden Apron

For more fun gift ideas for baskets, see the Have a Merry, Simple Christmas Resource Page.

gift ideas list ready to be filled in

Are You Ready to Start Shopping?

This list should get you well on your way to checking off items from your Gift Ideas list. 

To give you a bit of help keeping it all organized, download a free copy of a Shopping List! This is just one of the free printable worksheets you will find in my new e-book Have a Merry, Simple Christmas!

And if you STILL need some gift ideas, check out these lists here!

Last Minute Gift Ideas – Kathi @ Oak Hill Homestead

Cheap & Easy DIY Christmas Gifts – Shawna @ Homegrown Self Reliance

And don’t forget to get your copy of Have a Merry, Simple Christmas!

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Julie Murphree is a blogger, newspaper columnist, and speaker on all things ‘Living a Simple Life on the Farm’. She is the author of \\\'The Farm Wife – Living a Simple Life on the Farm. She and her husband have 60 acres in NW Louisiana where they actively work on living as sustainable as possible.


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