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Bigger, Better, Gardens


I love to garden. I am always trying to ‘outdo’ myself each year with a bigger and better garden. One of the ways I do that is by paying attention to the Moon. By working with the Moon phases and signs, I am learning the best days to plant, and which days are better for doing other gardening chores.


Are You Curious?


As gardeners, do everything in our power to grow a healthy garden. We make compost and add it to the soil. We gather the best seeds to start then bump each seedling up to its own container. They are watered, nurtured and then hardened off. Once in the garden, we stake, weed, train, and water. There are days the weather is not our friend, but we work around it.

Some years are great. Others make us wonder if we will even get one tomato to enjoy. And more times than not, we question if there is anything else we could be doing to help insure a healthy harvest. There is. Try Gardening by the Moon phases and signs.


Moon Phases & Signs


The Moon Phases and Signs affect the growing habits of plants the same way it affects the tides- through gravitational pull. The first and second quarter phases are great for above ground plants, and the third and fourth quarter are best for root crops.

Using the phases alone can be beneficial. But toss in astronomical signs, such as Libra and Leo, and you will learn which ones are best for growing conditions and which ones are better suited to maintenance other than planting.

This Gardening by the Moon Phases & Signs Calendar lists the signs, elements and what to plant each day. There are notations on when there will be a Full and New Moon as well as Barren Days.


Ready to Begin Gardening by the Moon?


Let me help you get started. By signing up for my Newsletter, you will be able to download April and May, 2020 of my Moon Phase & Signs Calendar. Use this calendar to see at a glance which sign the moon is in, and the best thing to plant – whether leafy greens, tomatoes or root crops.

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