Finding Quiet Time During the Holidays – 5 Simple Tips

Has it gotten to the point where you hear jingle bells in your sleep?  Do you wake up in the middle of the night thinking you smell the rolls burning?  If so, you may be searching for simple ways for finding quiet time during the holidays.

During the holidays we are required to up our game.  Not only do we have daily lives to keep in control, we also don elf hats.  And it is so much more than just doing some shopping, baking and wrapping.

All of our skills kick into overdrive.  We have to think harder, organize better, budget tighter and move faster.  It’s no wonder we hit a mid-season slump and trying to search for ways for finding quiet time during the holidays. Our minds and bodies just need a rest.

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a country road dappled in sunlight is a perfect place to walk to find quiet amid the madness

Finding Quiet Time During the Holidays

Our bodies are not designed to be fully functional 24/7.  It needs fuel to work, water to move, and rest to regroup.  If we do not give it those three things, then they will revolt through exhaustion, depression, stress, and illness. 

There is also a strong likelihood that our reactions can slow down, which can cause harm to ourselves or someone else.  No one wants to have the flu or a broken leg during the Christmas Holidays.

To help prevent this from happening, we definitely need to be finding quiet time during the holidays, and implementing it as much as possible.

a man sitting on a bench hoping for finding quiet time during the holidays

Your Quiet Corner of the World

Finding quiet time during the holidays won’t happen if you position yourself where others can ‘find’ you.  When searching for the right place, look for somewhere that is out of the stream of traffic.

This means, you don’t necessarily want to have a cup of coffee at the kitchen table. If you are like me, two minutes after you sit down, you will spot 10 things that need to be done.  Guilt starts to set in, and instead of dealing with that nasty emotion, you will jump up and get busy again.

Although it is my favorite place for finding quiet time during the holidays the corner of the couch in the living room probably isn’t a good spot, either.  Everyone can see you there, and will think it is fair game to come in and ask questions, plead for help, or get loud and noisy.

a sign that says 'nobody gets in to see the wizard not nobody not no how!'

The best place for finding quiet time during the holidays is a place away from everyone and everything, to the best of your ability.  Here are a few places that might work:

1) Finding quiet time during the holidays may just be a short walk to a corner of your bedroom.  You can close the door and either take a nap, or curl up in a chair to do a relaxing craft, read a book or just stare out the window.  I have a plaque outside my door.  If it is hung in place, then everyone knows I am either working, or escaping the madness.  Unless they are dying or bleeding, they know not to disturb me.

2) One of the best places for finding quiet time during the holidays is by taking a walk.  Move at a slow pace.  Breathe deeply.    Enjoy the beauty around you.  If you choose to walk in a park, find a bench to rest.  If you have to stay close to home, create a Garden Sanctuary and visit it often.

3) The Corner Coffee House is another great place for finding quiet time during the holidays.  Go in, order coffee, and tuck yourself into a corner table.  Take a notebook to doodle in (do NOT create lists of things to do!), or make sketches.  Or, just people watch.  It can be for 30 minutes or an hour, but either way, you are removing yourself from the madness, and getting a chance to just breathe and not think about anything.

crafting is a perfect way to find quiet time amid the madness of the holidays

4) Crafting for some is the most relaxing thing you can do.  Turn on some classical holiday music, curl up in a chair and get those needles clicking or your hook hooking.  If you cannot do this out of the mainstream of family, then set boundaries.  If necessary, set a timer and make a sign that says, “DO NOT DISTURB UNTIL THE TIMER GOES OFF!”

5) Find quiet time during the holidays for other members of your family.  Although older kids and other adults don’t like the idea of nap time, a bit of downtime won’t hurt them either.   Set aside a half hour or an hour at least three times a week to do nothing but slow down. Send everyone to their ‘corner’ and relax.

serve a kid friendly snack with a tea set

Tips to Make Quiet Time Special

Just because it is quiet time, doesn’t mean it can’t be a special moment.  Indulge.  Break out the good china tea cup and saucer. Have one piece of your favorite chocolate (Godiva is a very good choice). Read a book of poetry.

Finding quiet time during the holidays may be as easy as sitting down for a devotional.  There is nothing that soothes my soul more than reading God’s Word.  My favorite go to verses? Psalm 23 and I Corinthians 13.  Read them slowly and absorb the words, as well as the meaning behind them. You will feel rested before you even realized it!

a bench by a pond can help you find quiet amid the madness

The Benefits of Quiet Time During the Holidays

Holidays are notorious for being one of the most hectic and stressful times of the year. Our schedules are overloaded with shopping, decorating, baking, school activities and more.

There are also holidays where we either have to set up for out of town visitors, or pack suitcases to travel. That adds even more busyness and stress to our days.

The blessing of finding quiet time during the holidays is that your mind and body work better.  Your focus improves, your step is lighter and your outlook brighter.

Are things going crazy? Find 5 Tips to help you find quiet time during the holidays!

You are able to think clearly. Allowing yourself quiet time will free your mind from all the external distractions. It helps you to erase the mental clutter and allows to process what is going on around you.

A clear mind will strengthen you confidence. You will feel more in control and able to refocus on the tasks at hand in a more organized manner.

It also gives your body a chance to relax. When things are hectic and you are constantly stressed, your body reacts in negative ways. It causes a ‘domino’ effect in other areas, cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous, gastrointestinal and other bodily systems.

The Holiday ‘Smorgasbord’

To improve your situation even more, work on what you are eating.  Christmas is notorious for having a smorgasbord of sweets and snacks at our fingertips.  Eating too much not only decreases your effectiveness, it also adds guilt – especially if you are weight conscious.

Plan ahead for your holiday sweet and food intake. Make note of special parties or functions that are coming up. Instead of sneaking that cookie while at home, save the treats for the festive occasions.

During the week, opt for healthy snacks.  Keep a container of raw vegetables cut into bite-sized pieces. Serve healthy meals at dinner time.  For lunch, make a Strawberry Spinach Roll Up.  Not only is it healthy and delicious, it is also portable and perfect for lunch at the office, or as a picnic while out shopping.

a tree house escape to have quiet amid the madness

Finding Quiet Time During the Holidays Makes your Outlook Brighter

The biggest problem with finding quiet time during the holidays comes from ourselves.  We feel we need to keep moving, finish shopping, and baking more and more.  Instead, give yourself permission to just stop for a bit and enjoy the holidays.  It really is okay to say ‘No’ – even if it is for only 30 minutes a day.

And if you still can’t find a place to relax, maybe it is time to ask for an adult version of a tree house for Christmas.   And if you do, make it even easier on yourself.  Ask that a dumbwaiter be installed as well, to get that mug of hot chocolate or cup of hot tea up to the treetop without spilling!

How to Find Quiet Time

  • Find a quiet corner in your bedroom.
  • Coffee House
  • Finding Quiet Time During the Holidays through Crafting
  • Take a Walk
  • Arrange Family Quiet Time

By keeping these five things in mind, it will help you in finding the quiet time during the holidays you need. Your mind will be refreshed, your body relaxed and your outlook on life and the holidays brighter.

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