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Do you ever wonder what The Farm Wife was thinking when she made a ‘180’? Have you ever wondered why a normally level-headed woman would pull up roots, leave the city she knows like the back of her hand, and begin a life on a farm, when she hasn’t got a clue what she is walking into?

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The answers to all your questions can be found in one place:

The Farm Wife – Living a Simple Life on the Farm

My life journey took me from a typical, suburban life in the city to a rural, 60-acre farm. Once there, I began my journey towards learning how to live as simple a life as possible.

I will tell you about my daily rural ‘by the seat of her pants’ education, and how I hold it together by my faith in God – as well as duct tape, hay string and a gluing agent called ‘rust’.

Along the path, I am learning to garden using heirloom seeds and getting kisses from the cows. Walk with me as I collect eggs from the chickens, and get um… (cough..) gifts from the barn cats.

Hang with me as I try and learn as many of the ‘old’ crafts as possible. I start with canning and preserving food and saving seeds. From there I am headed to weaving, knitting, crocheting, and others. All with the main goal of living as frugally as I can.

You will discover how I got here, and what happens:

– In the Kitchen
– Around the Community
– At Alona’s
– With the Livestock
– And much more…

Grab a glass of lemonade, pull up a rocker, and sit down with me for a good visit. Laugh with me. Cry with me. Pray with (and for) me. Take a walk with me across the pasture and down to the pond.

Then if you are brave enough, head in to the kitchen and try your hand at cooking a possum. (I will confess that is one thing I haven’t done, and probably never will, either.)

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