Enough is as Good as a Feast

Enough is as good as a Feast, but how do we measure ‘enough’? Is it when our savings account is stuffed to overflowing? Is it when we need to buy a bigger house, just to have more closet space for shoes and clothes? Is it when our paychecks double and the cost of living is cut in half?

Is Enough a Feast for You?

Everyone has their own idea of what is enough. But if you look around, your ‘enough’ is much different than the person next to you. A homeless person considers a meal in their stomach enough. It is sheer luxury to them to have a real roof over their heads, instead of a tree limb or a cardboard box. Enough is as good as a feast if you have food to eat.

Enough is as Good as a Feast

A young couple with a new child feels it is enough if they can just pay the electric bill this month. Last month they weren’t so fortunate. If there ever is any extra, the thought of buying something for themselves is unheard of. Instead, all extras go towards the care of their child. Enough is as good as a feast if you have money to pay the bills.

What IS Enough?

The true definition of ‘enough’, is when you realize that whatever you have is plenty, if not more than enough. When you are truly grateful for what you do have, you find you have a full life. When you worry more about what you don’t have, you end up placing yourself in chains as a slave to material things.

Enough is as Good as a Feast to the Homeless

This Thanksgiving, I ask you to stop for a moment and count your blessings. Ponder what it would be like if you lost just half of it. Would you go hungry? Would you still have clothes on your back? Think about losing even more. And then consider the possibility of you losing everything. Is enough as good as a feast?

Know WHEN Enough is as Good as a Feast 

When you truly think about your possessions, your loved ones and your life, and what it would mean to be without them, it brings you a whole new perspective. Hopefully, it will also bring your heart to a point of deep gratitude for what you do have. And maybe, just maybe, you will stress less over what you don’t have.

And once you reach that point, you will know and fully understand what it means by, “Enough is as Good as a Feast”.

May you have a blessed feast laid before you this Thanksgiving.

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Julie Murphree is a blogger, newspaper columnist, and speaker on all things ‘Living a Simple Life on the Farm’. She is the author of \\\'The Farm Wife – Living a Simple Life on the Farm. She and her husband have 60 acres in NW Louisiana where they actively work on living as sustainable as possible.

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