The Simple Life Dollars and Sense eBook – Gain Control of your Money!

Are you ready to gain some Dollars and Sense? No matter who you are, living a simple, happy, productive life usually means you are dependent on at least a small source of money. Even volunteers and missionaries have to eat, and are therefore dependent on donations or some other form of income.

For most of us, it seems our money runs out long before the bills do. It can be frustrating at best, and the source of nightmares at its worst. Our goals are to have enough income to cover all the bills, yet still have enough left over to save for rainy days and to have a bit of fun.

But what do you do? How do you stretch your dollars far enough to pay the bills, yet not so far that it snaps back and leaves whelps on your hands and face?

What You Will Find in Simple Life Dollars and Sense

The goal of the Simple Life Dollars and Sense eBook is to help you find ways to make your income dollars stretch, minimize your debt, and how to live within your means.

In this book you will find tips on:

  • Budgeting
  • Income vs Expenses
  • Debt Busting Strategies
  • Supplementary Income Ideas

If you are tired of finding your money out of balance, then this eBook can get you started moving in the right direction! Now is the best time to balance the scales and begin the life you want to live – one free of money worries!

The Simple Life Dollars and Sense eBook gives detailed information on getting started. 

It helps you to:

  • Set up your work space
  • Design a system through Notebooks
  • Explains why you need a Budget and an Income & Expense Worksheet
  • Teaches you how to set up your Budget and Income & Expense Worksheets
  • Shows you how to break down your expenses into Priorities and Secondary Expenses and how doing it this way helps

But It Doesn’t Stop There! 

The Simple Life Dollars and Sense eBook also lists easy ways to:

  • Reduce your expenses
  • Offers tips on how to increase your income through one-time or part time methods
  • Tips to help you save money when there is nothing left at the end of the month!

Take control of your finances, reduce stress, and feel strong about your new money management skills by getting your copy of the Simple Life Dollars and Sense eBook today!

Easy Home Income and Expense Worksheet

You can also take your Financial Goals even one step further with Budget and Income & Expense Worksheets already designed and ready to be filled in!

Find out more about those below:

Home Budget Worksheet

Home Income & Expense Worksheet

Home Budget Worksheet

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