Make it Easy & Simple! Create a Coupon Card for Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air with Valentine’s Day coming up. It would be so much easier to just get a box of candy or buy a pre-made card to give our loved ones. Instead, put your creativity in action and create a coupon card!

When you create a coupon card you make a simple gift much more personal. They will be held onto longer, in anticipation of redeeming them. And it touches on your frugal nature by saving money on something that will be tossed away within a day or two.

Create a Coupon Card for Valentine's Day

What is a Coupon Card?

We have often seen coupons offered for items in the grocery store. They can be for cents off, BOGO, or a free trial sample. Coupons are usually used to encourage you to try a new product or as a way to increase sales of a slow-moving item.

When we lead a frugal lifestyle, coupons are one way we help lower our grocery budget. We clip them, organize them, then compare them to what we need. But you can’t redeem a store coupon for cash. You have to purchase the item, and then get it at a reduced price.

When you create a coupon card for your family, instead of offering a percentage off, you are providing a ‘service’, or your time. When redeemed, the person gets the full benefits!

When you create a coupon card that is personal, the service or time you are giving is specific. It takes into consideration their needs, wants, and personality.

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Copy of a Valentine's Day Coupon Card List

Get Started! Create a Coupon Card

Make a List

The first thing you need is a list for all of the people you want to wish a Happy Valentine’s Day. Take a piece of paper and make two columns.

In the first column, write the person’s name. The second column will be to write down the ‘gift’ you want to give them. Once you have completed the list, set it to one side.

Candy heart, lollipops and Valentine's Day Coupons


When you create a coupon card, you want to add a special touch when it is given. There are several ways you can do this:

  • Put it in an envelope
  • Roll it up and tie it with a ribbon
  • Fold it over and seal it with a sticker
  • Tape a small piece of candy to the envelope or ribbon
  • Bake cookies and put in a small bag. Tie the top with a ribbon. Tie the coupon onto the tail of the ribbon

You can also come up with your own presentation style. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

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The Gift – Create a Coupon Card with a Personal Touch

This is where it can be either easy or tough to create coupon cards. For each person on your list, you need to consider the person, their age, your relationship, time (for both parties), and what they may like to have.


When you create coupon cards for children, more times than not the one thing they want is your time. The coupon card can then be for a day at the park, a bike ride, or even a one-on-one movie day.

When it comes time for the coupon to be redeemed, make arrangements with a spouse or other reliable person to watch any other children for the time you will be unavailable.

Here are a few ideas for younger kids:

2 to 4

  • A Trip to the Park
  • Bike Ride
  • Movie Day (good for 1 box of candy, popcorn, 1 drink, and the movie of their choice)
  • Game Day (indoor or outdoor game of their choice – or have a game day marathon with multiple games)
  • Cookie Day (Bake their favorite cookie)

a teddy bear and a child's tea set

5 to 7

Any item from the 2 to 4 category

  • Learn a Craft
  • Ice Cream Sundae Day (create your own at home or take them to the ice cream parlor)
  • Play Day (let them choose what they want to do – at home, or 1 activity)

8 to 11

  • Any activity in the previous categories
  • Tea Party (with friends)

A teenager may also want to spend time with you, but a teen isn’t as easily satisfied as a young child. Although they may enjoy a movie day, you may have to think more along the lines of their current lifestyle. Teenagers may want to spend time with friends, so you may want to consider things that would incorporate a friend, as well.

Or you can free up their time by offering coupons that will relieve them of chores for a day. This would also give you a chance to teach your teens how to use their time – and their coupons – wisely, by thinking ahead.

a young girl in a straw hat fishing

Keep in mind – many teenagers don’t want to be ‘seen’ with their parents. Depending on the gift, you may have to make it conditional, if parental supervision is advised, recommended, or required.

Consider these ideas for teenagers:


  • Any activity from the other categories (if it is something they would like to do)
  • Spa Day with Friends
  • Lunch at a restaurant they choose (you may have to limit the type of restaurant)
  • 1 to 3 Free ‘No Chores’ Day (spread out over 1 year)
  • Shopping Day (good for 1 item within a specified price range)
  • Let them Teach Day (spend the day letting them teach you about something they love to do)


  • Any activity from the other categories (if it is something they would like to do)
  • Locked Room Mystery Event (you can do these at home or find one in your city)
  • Tickets to a Special Event (Tickets only – they would be on their own for any extras)
  • Let Them Learn (admission to a seminar or workshop for something they want to try)
  • Outdoor Activity (camping, hiking, fishing, etc.)

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Relationship Specific

Coupon cards can be age and relationship specific. For a spouse, you may want to offer a romantic evening, which includes dinner, dessert, and a babysitter. For a friend – consider a lunch that includes their favorite food, or even a coupon for babysitting services.


  • Free Time (so they can have a day to themselves – include babysitting and ‘entry’ fees)
  • Romantic Dinner for Two (arrange for babysitters, if needed)
  • Tickets to a Play or Favorite Event
  • Picnic


  • Lunch (in or Out)
  • Craft Day
  • Do a Favorite Activity Together
  • Babysitting Services
  • 1 Family Meal (including dessert – for those super busy days)

An assortment of Valentine's cards with red envelopes

Create a Coupon Card for a Neighbor

When you make a list of the people you would like to create a coupon card for, don’t forget about your elderly neighbors. Often, they are unable to get out and about much, and it can get lonely being at home all the time. At the same time, they ‘hate to bother you’, and you don’t always know their needs.

You can bring a smile to their face when you create a coupon card just for them. It will make them happy to know that not only were they remembered on Valentine’s Day, but also lift their spirits to see they can redeem this special coupon for things they need.

Here are some ideas you can use for their Coupon Card:

  • A Day of Running Errands
  • Lunch Out
  • Invite them Over for a Movie Day (ask them what their favorite movie, snack and drink will be)
  • Take them on a Picnic
  • Dinner at your Home
  • 1 Cleaning Day (housework, cleaning out an attic, storage shed, etc. according to their needs)
  • Yard Work

Red mailbox filled with Valentine's Day cards

Create a Coupon Card for Those You Love!

The gift of time is one of the most precious things we can receive. It’s easy to express that love when you create a coupon card that is designed with the recipient in mind. It takes a little thought and time but will also be a gift that will be remembered (and redeemed!) throughout the year!

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