Your Christmas Wish List – (it really is OK to make one!)

One of the few things we ‘collect’ over the holidays is The Christmas Wish List.  It is also the one thing most of our family delight in adding to our collection.  From kids, to spouses, to family and friends – all you have to do is ask, and you will definitely receive!

One thing we neglect to add to this collection is our own Christmas Wish List.  For some reason, this list always seems to get moved to the bottom of the pile.  We are just too busy taking care of business and preparing for everyone else’s holidays to take care of our own.

make out your Christmas Wish List

You Have My Permission to create your Own Christmas Wish List

It is time we know that we are people too, and that it is OKAY for us to have a Christmas Wish List! Our needs may be small or large, but we still have them. 

To be honest, there are people out there that really want your list.  They are struggling to know the perfect gift for you.  These people want to make you smile when you open the present they got just for you. 

Tell me Again what a Christmas Wish List for Me Looks Like?

In our defense, though, how many of you can sit down right now and make a list of five items you need or want?  I’ll be very few of us can.

Or, you can make the list, but the cost involved is too high.  Even if everyone pitched in, the price tag on it would break everyone’s budget and then some. 

Simply put, your own Christmas Wish List includes items that you truly need or want.  Some items may cost a bit more than $100, but you would be surprised at how many useful items you need or want cost way less.

think about what you need and want for your Christmas Gift List

How to Make a Christmas Wish List

If you are like me, when put on the spot your mind goes blank.  You know that over the past six months or so you have run across several things you would like to have. But now that Christmas is here, you cannot remember a single one.

That is when a ‘Perpetual Wish List’ comes in handy.  Keep a notebook in your purse or pocket.  When you see something you need or would like to have, write it down. If you think about it, add it to your list.

Now, some of those items may become necessary sooner than Christmas.  If you have to purchase something on your list, then just scratch it off. 

If you like using technology, there are also several apps – such as Free Christmas Wish List Maker – that will not only help you keep track of your list, but also share it with others. (Just be aware – there may still be costs involved!)

your Christmas wish list should have different price points

Offer a Wide Price Range

I love notebooks – both the 3-ring binders and spiral kind.  And I use them all the time.  For both birthdays and Christmas, I always add notebooks to my list.  If the giver shops at the Dollar Store, they can easily purchase three different sizes and barely spend $5.00. 

Segment your list into price ranges.  This way, those who are giving can quickly find something within their budget, or may be able to get two or three things on your list.

And even if you know no one can afford them, you can still add a ‘Thank You, Santa! Category just for fun.  Who knows?  Santa may just feel very generous this year!

ask for 'service' coupons on your Christmas Wish List

Don’t Forget ‘Service Coupons’

One of the greatest gifts you can get will cost the giver very little money, if any.  It will cost them time, though.  That gift is a Coupon Book for Services.

These can be things like ‘Good for One House Cleaning’, ‘1 Free Night of Babysitting’, or maybe one for ‘One Weekend of Yard Work’.  Think of the things you would love to have someone do for you, and add that service to your list.

Are you like me and would just love an hour or two to soak in a bubble bath, or curl up with a good book? Then ask for it!  Let your spouse or a family member come get the kids, answer the phone or run interference for a couple of hours.  That alone would be on the top of my wish list!!!!

a copy of a downloadable Christmas Wish List

Ready to Make your own Christmas Wish List?

Then let me help you get started!  Just download this free Christmas Wish List and start filling it out.  It has all the categories you need.  But just in case.  On the Service Coupon Book?  There are only 4 lines, so if you need more, you have my permission to turn the page over and list them all out!!!

have a merry, simple Christmas ebook banner

Now that your Christmas Wish List is done, are you wishing all the rest of your holiday preparations were so easy?  They can be.  Just get a copy of Have a Merry, Simple Christmas

With a copy of this great e-book you can get organized, plan your menus, host a Buffet, create great handmade gifts and tree decorations, and even keep your budget intact with the Budget Worksheet. 

You will find all this and so much more in Have a Merry, Simple Christmas.  Order your copy today!

Julie Murphree is a blogger, newspaper columnist, and speaker on all things ‘Living a Simple Life on the Farm’. She is the author of \\\'The Farm Wife – Living a Simple Life on the Farm. She and her husband have 60 acres in NW Louisiana where they actively work on living as sustainable as possible.


  1. Service coupons are my fav gift! As a single older homesteader I always have things that need done by someone, (ahem, my son in law lol)

    1. Author

      Tami -Service coupons are one of the greatest gifts anyone can receive. Especially when it comes to things we need four hands to do!

  2. This is awesome. I kept running lists in my planner for all family members, but, as you said, I would be hard pressed to come up with my own list…

    1. Author

      Michele – I am always stumped with asked what I want for Christmas. I really don’t want much, but when I come across something I think would be fun to have, I write it down on my list. Then, when asked, I can ‘whip’ it out and hand it over!

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