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This Resource list covers most everything you will find in Have a Merry, Simple Christmas.  There are some items (such as scissors) that are not listed.  This is due to the fact they are common items most people already have.

Some items do not have a link. That is because the prices are better at other places, or the item does not exist on any affiliate programs in which I take part. (There is also a little bit of Frugal Me that has something to do with it!)

Some of the links will take you to a ‘general’ search of the product (such as soup bowls).  This is because we all have different tastes, and may not like a specific item that is linked.  By doing my links this way, I felt it would be easier for you to search for that ‘perfect’ gift!

Unless otherwise noted, I have specified which company each link will go to.  For your convenience, just add any item you want to your cart, and then keep shopping.  (You can also purchase other things on those websites that catch your attention. I may still get a commission on those items as well, even if they are not listed!)

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