How to Make a Simple Christmas Garland

Making your own knitted or crocheted Christmas Garland is an easy project – especially for the beginner. Start with any yarn you like – I chose four colors, but you can do however many you want.

These rings are so quick and easy to make, you can easily make extras. Then use them as great handmade Christmas gifts!

 Knitted Version of Christmas Garland

Determine how wide you need your loops and cast on as many as you will need. For mine, I wanted a thinner loop (approximately 1-1/2″), so I cast on five stitches, leaving about a six inch or better tail. From there you can be creative. I simply used the knit stitch, but if you are more experienced, please feel free to knit, purl, yo or decrease to make the pattern you like.

Knit until you have roughly 7″, then cast off.

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Crochet Version of Christmas Garland

To crochet the loops:

ch 6 (the actual number of chains will be determined by the yarn you use and the width you want.)

sc until you have a 7″ length (or go ahead and get creative – you can double crochet, half double, or whichever stitch suits your fancy!)


Assemble The Loops

To connect your loops, simply match both ends, then with a small crochet hook sew the tail of your project through each end to create a loop. Knot securely then trim the excess.

Thread the next strip through that loop and repeat the sewing process. Invert the loop so the seam is on the inside. Continue with remaining loops until you have completed your garland.

Since our tree is small, I’ll end up with approximately 75 loops. For a larger tree, you will need more – approximately 5 loops per foot, Again, that depends on the size loop you want. For wider loops you may want to make your strips a little longer than 7″ in order for them to connect somewhat loosely.

Do you really want to get creative? Knit and crochet alternate loops! And if you are a beginner in either medium, this is a great way to practice!
(If you are new to crochet this is a great beginners set of crochet hooks. New to knitting? Try this knitting needle set.)

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