Every group has an order. Humans have a hierarchy. Chickens have a pecking order. Dogs have a pack head. And cows have dominance.Read More →

Although I am still in the early stages, I am truly enjoying our decision to raise bees.  As with most subjects, I am finding outRead More →

  As a grand idea, it is becoming more and more obvious that keeping bees is a great concept. I love how they are self-sufficient.Read More →

I often have some grand ideas for the farm. They range from grandiose to simple, but to me, each and every one are ‘great’! ThatRead More →

  Mornings have a habit of starting way too early for my comfort. Like around 1:30 in the morning. Around this time, our old GermanRead More →

As a diligent beekeeper, I check my hives at least once a day. Granted, some of those checks are just a quick drive-by. As muchRead More →