A Child’s Eye View of a Simple Life – Beautiful!

A child’s view of the world is uncomplicated. Most children can see from a shorter perspective. Yet, in some ways, children see things more clearly than adults. What they have is very close to a child’s eye view of a Simple Life.

a young girl with a bow in her hair pretending to drive a tractor

Life doesn’t have to be complicated. Too often, we make it much more complicated than it has to be. In fact, the simpler life is, often the better it becomes. And this is how a child’s eye view of a Simple Life comes into play.

Have you ever taken a good look at your Simple Life from the eyes of a child? You should. You may just be surprised at what you see.

A Child’s Eye View of a Simple Life

young girl in a straw hat and pink top fishing

A child sees the world from a simple perspective. There is little to no gray area. Something is hot or cold. It’s good or bad. An activity is fun or boring.

If a child wants something, it goes after it with a passion. If the child doesn’t want it, then those little feet begin running the opposite direction.

As an adult, we are better able to see where the two sides begin to blend. We see the gray between the bright white and pitch black.  There is warmth between the hot and cold. Uncertainty sits between good and bad.

As far as pursing a passion or walking away from an unwanted activity, we waffle. We are more concerned with what others think than taking stock of our own needs and wants.

Instead, take a moment to think about your life. Consider ways you can have a child’s eye view of a Simple Life. It isn’t as difficult as you might think.

How to Pursue Life from a Child-like Perspective

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There is a beauty in watching a child as he or she maneuvers their way through life. And with few exceptions, we may want to consider pursuing our own Simple Life with the same abandon of a child.

Here are a few ways you might consider having a child’s eye view of a Simple Life:

A Child Isn’t Afraid to Push Boundaries

two small girls reading through a fence to feed a cow

Having boundaries can be a good thing. It’s how we learn resilience, decision-making skills, and how to gracefully handle disappointment.

But pushing those boundaries may have some benefits, as well. These are a few ways it can help:

  • Aides the reasoning process
  • Moves you outside your comfort zone
  • Helps the mental and emotional growth process
  • Encourages curiosity

There are some boundaries that, when you push through, you may wish you hadn’t. The consequences may be more than you are willing to take on.

Others may be stifling to your own personal passions and growth. Once you have broken through, you may be glad you had the courage to push.

Learn to study your boundaries carefully. Determine why they are there, and what might happen if you break through. Weigh the benefits and rewards equally. And then find the courage to break through.

A Child Isn’t Afraid to Explore

yong blonde girl working on an angel ornament

Have you ever spotted something in the distance that caught your interest? You have a tendency to move closer. You want to see what it is, and why it is there.

For a child, it may be a toy. It could be a leaf, pinecone, or a rock. Regardless, it seems to capture their attention, and there is nothing else but to go see what it is.

When you have a child’s eye view of a Simple Life, you need to do a bit more exploration. Did you see a recipe that looks good? I love walking around in the woods or in a park, just looking at everything.

a small boy excited to see a turkey

When you explore, it creates a sense of wonder. Your mind opens up. Your curiosity is aroused. Worries and concerns are placed on a backburner for a moment. And you discover a whole new aspect of the world around you.

Exploration is part of how we grow into the Simple Life we want to live. It is a way we learn what we want to incorporate into our life, and what may just be something that looks pretty, but not anything we want to pursue.

A Child Just Sometimes Needs a Nap

white and gray cat sleeping on a cement bench

There are times when a child stays so busy, they become exhausted. Their world is full of newness, toys, and exploration. Distractions, playing, and learning can be exhausting.

As adults, we stay busy with our agendas. Our professions often demand 9 to 5, but we still have to get ready in the morning to go to the office. Time is spent in traffic.

At home, we have housework, meals, gardens, and other responsibilities that fill our time. Some days are easier than others, but some have us wondering if we are coming or going.

This is when you really need a child’s eye view of a Simple Life. This lifestyle actually allows for ‘nap time’. This may mean settling in for an Afternoon Tea. It could be you need to schedule a play day with family or friends. Or you might just need to curl up with a good book.

But taking time to rest every day is what keeps us moving forward. Our minds, bodies, and emotions all need a break. And what better way than to just ‘take a nap’?

Children See the Wonder in the World Around Them

small boy sitting in a pile of gravel with a plastic bucket and dinosaur toys

It doesn’t take much for a child to see wonder in the world around them. A simple plastic bowl and a pile of gravel can maintain their focus for hours at a time. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just fun.

When was the last time you found wonder in something simple? It may be the repetitive motion of a craft project. You could be mesmerized by how ingredients work together to create a delicious meal.

Whatever your focus, it may be time to truly look at the world around you. See the beauty in what you already do. And immerse yourself in the simple wonder of the activity at hand.

Children Make Room for Complete and Utter Joy

a young girl in a blue bathing suit playing in a blowup pool

To me, a child’s laughter is one of the most beautiful sounds in the world. I love to hear them squeal with delight. Unabashed laughter over the silliest things is infectious. Before you know it, you are squealing and laughing right along side of them.

When you have a child’s eye view of a Simple Life, you can learn to laugh. Find delight in the simplest things. Make room for complete and utter joy in your life. They say laughter is the best medicine. But I would take it a bit further. Let the laughter turn into squeals of delight.

When you do, you might just be contagious. You may have everyone around you laughing and squealing as well. And wouldn’t that be a fun moment?

 a child's eye view of a simple life through young girl's hands holding a baby chick

A Child Learns from Discipline

Children learn discipline from outside sources. It may be parents, teachers, or even friends on the playground. It can be self-discipline, such as when running in the house causes a painful fall. You learn not to do it again.

As adults, we learn from an internal source. We use what has worked from us in the past and what hasn’t. We learn from the consequences of our actions, whether they are good or bad.

As kids in school, one way we learned was by writing lines. Have you ever had a teacher discipline you by making you write “I will not talk in class” 500 times? To me, that was almost the worst punishment in the world!

young girl on a bike with a friend running beside

But we can do the same thing for ourselves. It’s not so much about the lines themselves. We often tell ourselves over and over again we aren’t capable. We aren’t smart enough. Life is too hard. We aren’t good enough.

These constant thoughts can be detrimental to our health, mind, body, spirit, and our ability to have a child’s eye view of a simple life.

If that’s the case, it’s past time to remove this negativity from your mind and heart. Allow me to play teacher for a moment. Choose your punishment. During your next Afternoon Tea break, write it down. If necessary, write it ten times a day, every day, until you know you are truly a great and wonderful person!

  • I can DO this!
  • I can overcome this obstacle!
  • I am a GOOD person!
  • Living a Simple Life is MY choice!
  • Love, Laughter, Joy, and Contentment is right there for the taking!
  • I am READY to have a child’s eye view of a Simple Life!

A Child’s Eye View of a Simple Life

a gray-haired woman holding a small girl dressed in red studying a leaf

Which one did you choose? Or did you need to create your own line to write?

The bottom line is that we have the ability to choose not only what life we live, but also how we live it. Learning to view life through the eyes of a child can open up a whole new world.

We can set or break the boundaries when choose to live within. Our calendar can mark off days to just explore or take a nap. We can see the wonder and embrace the joy life can bring in the simple things.

Or we can continue to wear our blinders. And when we do, we miss out on a life that is bigger, better, and filled with contentment and happiness.

It’s your choice. Do you want blinders? Or would you prefer to have a child’s eye view of a Simple Life? I know which one I have chosen.

Julie Murphree is a blogger, newspaper columnist, and speaker on all things ‘Living a Simple Life on the Farm’. She is the author of \\\'The Farm Wife – Living a Simple Life on the Farm. She and her husband have 60 acres in NW Louisiana where they actively work on living as sustainable as possible.


  1. I remember my granddaughter, who was 4 at the time, studying a dry “cow patty” like it was the most fascinating thing she had ever seen!! You are so right, we need to stop and see things from the little’s perspective!!

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