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Pull up a rocker, grab a glass of lemonade, and let’s settle in for a visit! Learn more about homemaking, homesteading and living a Simple Life through posts, products and friends. Be sure to join in the conversation by commenting below each post. I am looking forward our visits!

vintage scale with coins on one side and a vintage pocket watch on the other depicting don't cut yourself too short with time or money

Don’t Cut Yourself Too Short – How to Balance Time and Finances

There are two things in life that are the hardest to come by – time and money. The last thing you want to do is

pink clawfoot bathtub filled with growing carrots as one of many garden styles for your home

The Best 5 Garden Styles for Your Home

We all garden for different reasons. Some of us just love digging in the dirt. Some want the freshest food possible. And others have goals

seed catalog opened to salad blends; a notebook, pen, and pair of reading glasses

Plan(t) Better with 7 Smart Garden Planning Tips

There is nothing tastier than a tomato, fresh off the vine, still warm from the sun. But to get those delicious tomatoes in June, you

brown paper with a burned circle. In the circle says: Getting Permission, with some words hidden in background

You Don’t Need Permission to Live a Simple Life

Did you know you don’t need permission to live a Simple Life? Let me assure you. You don’t. I have a fascination with boxes. Don’t

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Annie Lewellyn

Blogger and Homesteader
The Farm Wife is the greatest website to lose yourself in articles on living a simple life, homesteading, and more. Her southern charm draws you in and leaves you wanting more. Being knowledgeable and entertaining in every facet makes this a favorite site of mine!
Road to Reliance

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Kathi Rogers

Homesteader and Blogger
As a transplant to the South, I enjoy Julie's approach to Southern hospitality, her wisdom, and her guidance to making a home full of memories and charm.
Oakhill Homestead

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Shawna Lance

Homesteader and Blogger
Julie is such a talented writer! Her style brings back memories of a simpler time gone by. I could spend hours pouring through her posts!
Home Grown Self Reliance

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Amber Bradshaw

Homesteader and Blogger
The Farm Wife is the perfect place to start your journey towards a simple life. Julie is a salt of the earth person who shares her knowledge with others. From baking from scratch to raising livestock and everything in between, you'll find it on The Farm Wife.
My Homestead Life