Peas and cornbread.  In the past, this was considered a poor man’s supper, as it was one of the least expensive meals to make.  Most folks, unless beyond completely destitute, grew their own peas and the corn to grind for meal.  The rest of the ingredients were mostly purchased, unless they were fortunate enough to grow wheat as well. 

In our house, peas and cornbread are a regular go-to meal.  We grow our own purple hull peas, but we do purchase most of the rest of the ingredients.  Still, it is an easy meal to fix and is definitely filling.  It’s sad to think that such simple meals are considered to be fit only for the poor – we personally believe that not many kings would eat so well.

The idea of having one meat, two vegetables, possibly salad and a bread for dinner just seems to me to be a bit of overkill.  Don’t get me wrong.  One of my favorite meals consists solely of vegetables and a wedge of cornbread.  Yum.  Green beans and new potatoes.  Smothered squash.  Purple hull or black-eyed peas.  Steamed okra.  Fresh, homegrown creamed corn.  A tomato, straight out of the garden and sliced.  Now we’re talking.  The only meat on that plate was the bacon or salt pork used to cook the squash and beans.  But even that can be a bit much – especially on an everyday basis.  On an overall basis, one veggie, one meat and a slice of bread, a roll or a wedge of cornbread is really all you need.  You can also fix a salad with fresh, raw vegetables and still eat healthy.

Our days can be filled to overflowing with work and farm chores.  We all too often forget about the evening meal until it is almost too late.  For times like these, it’s smart to keep prepared meals such as casseroles, soups, stews and other items in the freezer for a quick fix.  Peas and cornbread of those quick and easy to fix meals.  The idea that it only takes about a half hour to prepare it just adds to the benefits.

Simply Living doesn’t just mean raising your own food and practicing the art of being frugal.  It can also be taken straight into the kitchen.  With a little thought, meals can be as simple as a soup that uses the leftover vegetables from the week’s meals, a casserole that uses leftover chicken, or even just a big pot of beans, served with cornbread.  With this in mind, you definitely won’t go hungry, and more than likely you will eat as well, if not better than royalty.

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