Facebook can be a fascinating thing to read.  Some of the posts are so ridiculous, I just have to shake my head and scroll on.  Some I can’t watch – there is just no way I am able to save every animal on the planet with just 60 acres and a pond.  A few recipes look good; a few are worthy of a good belly laugh.  But one I saw this morning actually gave me pause for thought.  It was one of those automated quiz things that asked ‘What Has Life Taught You’.  I don’t need something from the computer to tell me that.

Things Life Has Taught Me

1) Never give up.  You have to slog through the storm to get to the other side of the rainbow.

2) The best writing ideas come when you are in the car, an hour from your destination, with no pen, paper or recorder in sight.

3)  My memory doesn’t last five minutes – much less an hour.

4)  The best medicine for a stressful life is a cow.  The best medicine for a cow is a stressful farmer.  Both get a lot of love and attention when things seem the worse.

5)  Chickens should be allowed at the dinner table.  They would never complain about anything you eat, and would always ask for seconds.

6)  No matter how hard you try, you cannot outrun an angry Mama cow when you mess with her baby.

7) When you see a cow laying down in the pasture, it doesn’t mean it’s going to rain.  They are either chewing their cud, resting from their 3 a.m. jail break, or plotting the next escape.

8) The words “We need to talk” coming from your spouse doesn’t always mean there is a problem in the marriage.  It usually means a problem with the checkbook – like, there is nowhere near enough money in it to fix the tractor.  Again.

9)  Dryer sheets cannot equal the smell of clothes dried outside on a clothesline.

10) A long day of hard labor and an evening curled up with a cup of hot tea is the best prescription for a good night’s sleep.

11) All the material goods in the world are not the source of happiness.

12)  Food that you took the time to grow yourself and plucked straight out of the garden tastes better, and is healthier for you, than anything you can find in a box or can at the grocery store.

Life can be one of the greatest teachers in the world.  Every day is chock full of seat-of-the-pants lessons.  As in any classroom, how much we learn and retain is completely up to us.  We can sit still and pay attention to the teacher, or we can sit in the back of the room to see how far our spitballs will fly.  We can complain that the lesson is too hard, or we can dig in and keep trying until we finally understand how it works.

Things get complicated on the farm.  I know how it feels to get up hours before the sun does and drag in well past the time the moon is shining from the top of the world.  My muscles can attest to a day’s labor.  I know the sound the last thought of the day as it echoes through a mind that is empty from sheer exhaustion.

And it is a school I look forward to attending every day.  The best part of a Life Education is the constant surprises, the joys it brings and that sacred moment when you can sit back and whisper, “Yes!  Now I understand!” 

Are you fully enrolled in the school of Life?  Then give yourself a Gold Star!