Did you know that you cannot stand behind a sunbeam and still see its beauty? You have to stand in front of or beside it to fully see the magnificence of the sun breaking between the limbs and leaves of the trees. It is sheer wonder to walk the farm in the early morning, and watch as the sun rises, decorating the pastures with its spotlights.

It is a lesson I need to learn on the farm. Too often, I stand behind the obstacle of the problem, and cannot see the glory of overcoming it. I fret. I ponder. I stomp my feet. It isn’t until I step back and move around it that I can clearly see the solution. Just as the sun spotlights a certain patch of hay or wildflowers, I can only see the problem if I move.

I have said it before and I will say it again. Life is hard. All too often, though, we make it harder than it has to be. We don’t face our problems head on. We instead choose to whine about it. We search for someone else to blame it on and try and force someone else to fix it. I am forever blaming the fence problems on the cows, but the truth is, we need be responsible and fix any questionable section before they form a jailbreak committee. If we did that, at least one of our problems would be resolved before it existed.



Even a water pipe that breaks and spews water like a geyser forms a rainbow. The sun’s reflection in the crystal clear liquid spray not only points out the problem, but adds beauty to it. The leak can be easily repaired, or could take a full day, but that rainbow serves as a reminder that there is a solution at the other end. I know this is true, because I also woke up this morning to the sound of rushing water-and there isn’t a waterfall large enough to make that loud sound anywhere on the Plantation. We now have a river running down the lane, but I am not worried. It’s just a simple obstacle. I am able to move around it and have fun watching the dogs splash in the puddles.

Writer’s Block is the worst problem for me. I can go for days with ideas for newspaper columns and website posts, then all of a sudden the creative well just dries up. It used to put me in a mild panic, not sure if I would meet my deadlines or not. A walk outside, a new project, or ‘stealing’ ideas from Gary at La Ferme Sabloneuse usually gets that stream flowing again. (Hey! He steals from me all the time, so it’s only fair!) I don’t worry so much about it any longer. I know it is just a matter of time. I write when I am flooded with ideas. I take a break when there is a drought.

With the acceptance of the fact that most problems can be overcome one way or another, I can see my stress level lowering to the point of almost non-existent. To be at peace with yourself and the obstacles you face in life is a comforting thought. Some problems may take a bit more time to find a solution and change them, but it is nice to know that they can all turn out okay.

It is time for this Farm Wife to step out from behind the sunbeams. I will start moving to the front, then turn around and relish in the glory of the beauty of overcoming yet another problem. Life may be hard, but with a side step or two, I will be able to see that the magnificence of the light will far outshine the dark.