“I love it when a plan comes together!” – Col. John ‘Hannibal’ Smith

As long as I don’t have to smoke the stogie, I have to agree with Hannibal. There is nothing better than when I can put a great big red checkmark next to an item on our 7-Point Plan. And today, we are doing just that!

Thanks to Audi and Johnny Adams, of The Honey River Farms Real Estate (‘We Specialize in Upscale Hives for the Discerning Bee Families’) a division of Honey River Farms in Coushatta, and their top sales agent, Elaine Adams, we ‘SOLD’ the country townhouses in the back pasture to two wonderful families – the Beekers (Butch and Zinnia) and the Vitelis (Art and Clara – who is better known as ‘Honey’). We want to formally welcome the Beeker and Viteli families to Paradise!

During a hive-warming get-together, I had an opportunity to visit with both families, and a few (thousand) of their family and friends. Zinnia is so happy to have a home that allows her to have a ‘large’ family, but Butch didn’t seem so thrilled. ‘Having kids will be the death of me, I just know it,’ he was heard telling a group of his buddies.

Honey seemed to be a bit nervous and distracted, while looking over all the rooms – especially the kitchen. ‘I plan on having quite a few children myself,” she stated. “I just am still not sure this will be enough space to store all that food for the babies, as well enough to feed all the workers.   You know,” she whispered conspiratorially, “We only hire the best. But for some reason, after a month or two, they just seem to fly off, and after a few trips in and out with nectar and pollen, the next thing you know, they are gone to the big beehive in the sky.” She seemed to relax just a little when I assured her that additional stories to her new townhouse could quickly and easily be added as needed.

As I mingled with the guests, I noticed a stern looking bee, standing off alone. As the hostess, I felt compelled to visit with her. I approached with aa welcoming smile and introduced myself.

“Do NOT get near my hive with food and drink, like those Drones,” she said, her four little eyes sparkly with venom. Under her breath, I heard her mumble, “Lazy bums. Can’t even feed themselves.” And then she turned back to me with an evil glare. “I do NOT need any more to clean up in there. I am Hattie, the head housekeeper and I run a strict and clean hive. ALWAYS!”

Startled from her abruptness and the fierceness behind her words, I almost did drop my drink and cookie in the hive. Fortunately, I was quick enough to keep that from happening. Still, she gave me an angry flap of her wings and flew off calling for somebees named Cornelius and Lorraine. From what I gathered, they must be Guard bees, because I heard Hattie berating them for allowing all those guests close to the hives. (Personally, I think Hattie should have been a Guard Bee – no one in their right mind would dare step ten feet from the Hive with her on duty! – But oh, that is so rude of me as the hostess of this party to belittle a guest. I am so sorry!)

As the party wound down, it was obvious that Butch, Zinnia, Art and Honey were tired and ready to start settling into their new homes. Over the course of time, I am looking forward to getting to know their entire families (as long as I don’t have to remember every single name!), and hopefully, Miss Hattie and I can come to some sort of terms – or even an impasse, at the very least. That is, after she finishes dressing down Cornelius and Lorraine. Who knows? Maybe Honey will hire them for her hive – she’s always looking for good help.


Fun Bee Fact

Drones exist for one reason – and one reason only. To breed. It’s a job that they give their very life for, and wait to be ‘called’ by the queen with eager anticipation. Other than that, they are all but useless. They are incapable of defending themselves or the hives, as they lack stingers. They are also unable to feed themselves, find food for themselves or the hive, and don’t clean up after themselves. If they are unfortunate enough to have not been summoned by the Queen by the end of summer, they have a good chance of being kicked out of the hive if food stores are low. I’ll bet that is probably Miss Hattie’s favorite day of the year!