High Rise Country Townhouse

Great Starter Home for a Growing Family!

2 Story, with additional Stories soon to be built

Approximately 7,000 nursery rooms

Updated Kitchen with 8,400 storage areas

Mother-in-Law Suite fit for a Queen

 * * *

Call: Bea at (318) 233-4483


Get ready! The farmers at Paradise Plantation are advertising for some new tenants – a great place to live, close to water and in a shady, delightful nook in the middle pasture. Stay tuned to meet the new neighbors……………..





Fun Bee Fact:

Moving a beehive two miles or less may cause the bees to return to their original location and become confused and/or disoriented when they see that their home is no longer there. It is better to move the hives several feet or several miles when relocating an established hive.