There is not a day on the farm that goes by that I don’t find something for which I am thankful. All too often, I think in terms of ‘big’ things – like the Country Boy and the farm itself. But if I really stop and think about it, it is the little things that bring it all together. Here is a partial list of things I will be saying ‘Thank You’ for on this Thanksgiving Day:

  1. God – and the fact that He puts up with me and all my crazy ideas, my dreams and my frantic running from place to place. I am thankful He says ‘yes’ to some of those ideas, and in hindsight, an emphatic ‘NO!’ to some of the others.
  2. Flannel sheets and lots of quilts on a cold winter’s night, and air conditioning turned down to ‘ice cube’ on those blazing hot summer days.
  3. Hot showers after a hard day’s work.
  4. Two friends who have the strength, courage and determination of a runaway bulldozer. One’s journey is leading her through chemotherapy and radiation, and the other is overcoming a complicated open heart surgery. And both still know how to smile, laugh and offer encouragement to others.
  5. Chickens, cows, dogs and cats, and all other forms of farm animals. Each have something to offer – whether it is eggs, beef, security or mouse eradication, and each have personalities that will make you laugh with joy or keep you on your toes with their mischief. And it just doesn’t get any better than when they give you a peck or a kiss in gratitude.
  6. Trials, tribulations and outright failure. It is these things that it is hardest to be thankful for, but also the things that hammer, chisel and mold you into the person you can become. They force you to stretch your wings and grow, and keep you from becoming stagnant. Really, now. Who wants to walk around all moldy from lack of use?
  7. A cool breeze that eases the sweat when you are fixing fence, and the warmth of the sun when you are out fixing fence. Oh, who is kidding whom? I’m just thankful for a fence that is fixed!
  8. A moment of stillness and silence, in the middle of the day. A time to just breathe and take in the beauty around me.
  9. My friends, my family, my neighbors. So far, they haven’t laughed too loudly at some of the things I attempt. And some even pitch in with advice and assistance, no matter how crazy the idea seems at the moment.
  10. My Country Boy. I too often fail to stop and see all he really does for me, for my family, for our friends and for the farm. He works from before the sun wakes up to well after the moon is fully visible in the sky, and rarely complains. And even after having to listen to me non-stop and ad nauseam about my latest ‘great idea’, he just nods his head and helps me try to do it, even if I have wasted his time and our money when it doesn’t work.

Life is just too short to not appreciate all the small things in our lives. Too many things we take for granted, and don’t stop to think that they are truly luxuries, and not a given – like clean running water, electricity, food and transportation. It is these things that make our lives so much easier, but also the things for which we forget to be thankful. My goal is to stop and list five small things a day for which I can celebrate having.

I hope you and yours have a very Happy Thanksgiving!