With all this talk about food in some form or another, it’s made me hungry. So instead of comparisons with cows, a play on words or asking the question, ‘am I hungry enough’, I am just going to cook up some delicious food, share the recipe and then sit down to a soul-fulfilling meal.

And there is nothing more filling than pure old fashioned comfort food. To most, ‘comfort food’ can be defined as something that they remember their mom or grandmother preparing, like a bowl of chicken soup or a pound cake. To some, it’s a ‘forbidden’ treat, like a big slice of pie when they are on a diet. In many cases, it is food that we reach for when we are feeling nostalgic or need an ‘attitude adjustment’. It has been said that women will reach for comfort food when they are feeling down, and men will reach for it when they are having a great day. Either way, this food can either be celebratory, or can lift your spirits.

I have several go-to comfort foods. Today? I am just tired. It’s been a long week and I am only up to Thursday morning. Today is already full, and the next two days don’t look any easier, so my first instinct is to eat something that can help sooth my exhausted mind. And that comfort food is going to be Crawfish Etouffee, served over a bowl of steaming rice, with a side of garlic bread. Fortunately for me, the Country Boy can make this with his eyes closed, so I don’t have to exert any effort in putting dinner on the table tonight.

Are you in need of some comfort food tonight? Why not whip up a big pot of Etouffee? Just join me in the kitchen – I do have enough energy left to share the recipe. Just be warned – after eating a bowl of this, you will feel so comforted you are going to have to push the dog off the couch so you can curl up with a good book and let all your worries and stresses just roll right off your shoulders!